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Direct flight routes from South Africa to Angola

Cheap Flights to Angola

The only direct international flights to Angola are with SAA or TAAG from Johannesburg to Luanda’s Quatro de Fevereiro Airport (LAD). You can get on to the cheapest flight to Luanda by:

  1. Referring to the price comparison tool on your left and booking the cheapest flight.

  2. Earn travel vouchers to lower the cost of your flight. If you send us an email of your onboard experience, we will issue you with a voucher that discounts the cost of your flight to Angola. More content and pictures means a bigger discount. Basically, you will need to include a description on your flight experience, the reason for choosing the airline you used and the airline you used.

Cape Town - Angola
Durban - Angola
Visa Requirements
When to Go

With 1-stop flights keep

Johannesburg to Angola

  • You can fly from Johannesburg to Luanda (LAD) with SAA directly, BA Comair/TAAG Angola Airlines (direct) or Air Namibia (via Windhoek).

  • There are 1-stop flights from Johannesburg to Lubango Banderia (SDD) with TAAG Angola Airlines (via Luanda) or Air Namibia/TAAG (via Windhoek)

  • There's 1-stop flights from Johannesburg to Cabinda (CAB) with TAAG Angola Airlines via Luanda.

  • There's 1-stop flights from Johannesburg to Catumbela (CBT) with TAAG Angola Airlines via Luanda (expect a long layover).

  • There's 1-stop flights from Johannesburg to Malange (MEG) with TAAG Angola Airlines via Luanda (expect a long layover).

Cape Town to Angola

  • Flights from Cape Town to Luanda (LAD) are with TAAG Angola Airlines (direct), South African Airways (via Johannesburg) or Air Namibia (via Windhoek).

  • There's 1-stop flights from Cape Town to Lubango Banderia (SDD) with TAAG Angola Airlines (via Luanda) Air Namibia/TAAG Angola Airlines (via Windhoek).

  • There's 1-stop flights from Cape Town to Cabinda (CAB) with TAAG Angolan Airlines via Luanda (expect a long layover).

  • There's 1-stop flights from Cape Town to Catumbela (CBT) with TAAG Angolan Airlines via Luanda (long layover).

  • There's 1-stop flights from Cape Town to Malange (MEG) with TAAG Angola Airlines via Luanda (expect a long layover).

Durban to Angola

  • The only 1-stop flight from Durban to Luanda (LAD) is with South African Airways (via Johannesburg).

Visa Requirements

Angola offers tourist visas, transit visas, short-stay visas, ordinary viasas, work visas and privilege visas. At the time of publication, the minimum requirements for South African citizens to obtain a tourist visa were as follows.

  • Completed & signed application form

  • Fingerprints (in other words you will have to physically present yourself)

  • Yellow Fever Vaccination card

  • Passport valid for at least 6 months and at least 3 blank pages in it

  • Two passport sized colour photos (recent)

  • Itinerary

  • Invitation letter or proof of hotel booking

  • Bank statement.

  • Letter proving employment

  • The fee (was R750 in May 2013)

For the latest up to date requirements, check the visa requirements for South Africans at the Angolan High Commission or contact them on 011-622-6025 or 021 425 8700 or 031-312-6516 (they are situated at 1030 Schoeman Street in Pretoria). The High Commission is closed on Angolan public holidays.

South African Embassy in Angola
  • Physical address: Rua Premio Dubai, Condominio Ouro Verde, Municipio Da Samba, Sector ZRGA, Luanda, Talatona

  • Email :

  • Phone number : +244-222-460-732


Whilst there are a number of Bantu languages, Portuguese is the only official language in Angola. There are a number of people who speak French in Cabinda.


The scars are war are still evident in Angola, but its natural beauty shines out especially in the following spots:

  • Cangandala National Park is situated in the Malanje Province. Despite being the smallest in the country, it offers lush vegetation and a wide variety of animal species of the tropics. It was established in 1963.

  • The coastline's scenic beauty and open bays provides the opportunity for visitors seeking to engage in water sports and a variety of recreational activities.

  • Located in the Moxico Province, Cameia National Park comprises seasonal inundated plains forming part of the Zambezi River Basin. It is surrounded by a boundary of major rivers that include Chifumage, Lumege and Luena rivers. The area is known for its richness in various bird species.

  • In the southwestern Cunene province, the Mupa National Park is famous for its avifauna. This is home to the White Giraffe that has become extinct because of the landmines left behind after the civil war. There are numerous wild animals in the park including the spotted hyena, wild dog, leopard and lion.

  • Namibe Province is the home of the Iona National Park. It is known to have been rich in big game before the civil war but due to destruction of infrastructure and illegal poaching, the animal population has greatly reduced. It also offers rare rock formations and flora.

  • Close to Luanda, there is the Benfica Handcrafts Market which offers almost anything you are looking for at the lowest prices.

  • Mussolo Island located on the Kwanza River offers the best beach in the area with a beautiful landscape as well as restaurants.

When to Travel to Angola

Angola is located in the tropics with little variation in the weather pattern: warm to hot but dryer than one would expect. Semi-arid areas are found along the coast but the rest of the country's weather varies according to the general altitude. It is dryer and slightly cooler in June, July, August and September.

Angola's public holidays

You may want to take into account the following public holidays, when planning your trip to Angola:

  • 1 January

  • 4 January (colonial repression martyrs' day)

  • 25 January (Luanda's day)

  • 4 February (day of the armed struggle)

  • 8 March (women's day)

  • 4 April (day of peace & reconciliation)

  • 1 May (workers day)

  • 25 May (Africa day)

  • 1 June (children's day)

  • 17 September (heroes day)

  • 2 November (all souls day)

  • 25 December

  • 31 December


  • Easter

  • Carnival

Travel alert

Because of the risk of unrest, consult your embassy before travelling to South Lunda, North Lunda or within Cabinda Province.

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