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The bad news is that Thai Airways only flies to one airport in Africa. The good news is that the airport is Johannesburg's OR Tambo International Airport. Thai Airways (code TG) offers flights from Johannesburg to Bangkok, Thailand, and onwards to many other international destinations. The airline was named among the top 20 airlines in the world in 2014. To make a cheap flight reservation use the flight bookings engine on the left.


Flight to Thailand

2013-12-03 Rating 5/5 : In February 2014, we decided to go to Thailand. Being our first time flying,we were very nervous and did not know what to expect. Our flight from Durban to Johannesburg was quite a bumpy ride with British Airways. We boarded the Thai Airlines in Johannesburg on route to Bangkok. It was a direct flight. People told us that we should have stopped at Dubai and that would have been better route for us. I cannot tell you how friendly the air hostess were when we boarded the aircraft. Whilst flying they smiled and made sure that we were comfortable. As for us we felt as though we in a limosine because we so at ease and the pilot addressed us and updated us accordingly even when he encountered turbulance he informed us. The meals provided was good. The flight was so good that when the pilot announced that we will be landing it was unbelievable. We will no doubt recomend Thai airlines to anyone going on holiday.

2013-11-19 Rating 4/5 : Years ago I made a promise to my kids that I shall take them on an overseas trip before they leave school, and during June 2013 I realized my promise to them with a fourteen day trip to Thailand.

A Thai Airways plane

Thai Airways always comes highly recommended and again did not disappoint. Thai Airways is one of the airlines with the best customer service and willingness to satisfy. Although international travel may seem daunting to South Africans who have not ventured across the border before, I believe one’s experience is directly influenced by the amount of “groundwork” one does before departure.

The internet has opened so many doors regarding information gathering and there is thus no need to arrive at a new destination without a wealth of information in your back pocket. From experience I have learned that my first purchase upon arrival at a new destination is the latest city map (available at any kiosk). Traveling from Bangkok international into the city can be done via bus, taxi and high speed train.

Considering the amount of baggage one usually drags along, I would recommend a Taxi (make sure that you ask for meter tariff) as the train option is only viable if your accommodation is very near to your Train Station. Krung Thon Buri neighborhood is an excellent base to explore the wonders of Bangkok from. The Sky train and main river ferry terminal is nearby and the views over Bangkok at night are spectacular! Do your homework beforehand. Write down your places of interest and once you have your Bangkok City map, merely mark some on the map and your schedule will automatically open up on your map. Bangkok still offers excellent value for South African visitors. Expect to pay not more than R30-R40 for an excellent meal. Should you decide to discover the rest of Thailand, NOK air, a local budget airline, offers great all inclusive deals. NOK Air flies to most Thai destinations as well as neighboring countries.

Our ticket purchase from Bangkok included airfare, bus travel and high speedy ferry at about R1200 return per person. Koh Samui and Koh Phanang are part of a huge Island group in the Gulf of Thailand. It offers a much more relaxed atmosphere than Phuket and is also more sheltered from wind and rain. From a safety perspective, due to its location in the gulf of Thailand, it poses no threat of any tsunami disasters. The best way to explore Koh Samui is to rent a vehicle.

They accept South African Licenses and drive on the left hand side of the road. Driving on the Island is a pleasure and easy to navigate (remember your map when you arrive at the airport). Compared to Phuket- Koh Samui and especially Koh Phanang are still unspoilt destinations. Koh Phanang is a MUST travel destination, if you want to relax before your long flight back to SA. Best beach/resort location is Haad Yao beach area. It has more than a kilometer of shelter beach with many resorts along its natural cove. All resorts have beach dining facilities at about R35-R45 per person. Nothing I miss more, than to relax with the sun setting with decent Thai food and the waves two meters away from your table.

A Nok Air airplane

Koh Phanang is also a superb snorkeling and scuba island. All and all, the kids really had a ball and in the end it did not cost more than travel from Cape Town to Natal or Mpumalanga!

Trip to Phuket

2013-07-30 Rating 4/5 : Last year my friends approached me to join them for a trip to Phuket, being sceptical, I reluctantly decided… oh what the heck let's do this. It was after all in celebration of my friend, Emile's 40th birthday celebration and just to spoil ourselves after the tough year we have had. Since it was my first time flying abroad and only my third time on an aeroplane, I was a bit excited and also very nervous at the same time. So that night I never slept a wink, up early the morning, flight was schedule for 1pm, so luckily we escaped the JHB traffic. As we arrived at the airport the excitement got worse and I could not contain myself anymore I wanted to get on the flight and get to my destination already. Having a few minutes to spare, we relaxed in the slow lounge and enjoyed the luxuries offered. I was a first timer so it was heaven *shy face* Time was slowly but surely getting closer and so the excitement grew and grew... we left the lounge and went to our boarding gate and there I saw our airbus, THAI airways, waiting for us, we boarded and not long it was off offfff & awaaayy for us from JHB to Bangkok! I did some research on the airline and what I saw on the internet really impressed me. The crew was very professional and from the get-go we were treated like royalty, the service, the food, the entertainment, etc. On a scale of 1 to 5 I would rate them a 5, it was quite an experience and since it was my first time flying so far for so long, at times it was a bit uncomfortable, but that's normal I guess, the excitement was too high for anything to get me down. Finally we arrived at Bangkok and we walked around, took some pictures, did some shopping and ate since we had 2 hours before our flight to our final destination. Finding a halaal restaurant to eat was another challenge, and what made it worse, people did not understand what we were looking for, so we were sent from pillar to post, we walked and walked and walked, until we eventually found one, the ONLY one I must add. And so we boarded again on our 1 hour flight to Phuket, not the most comfortable, the air conditioner was blowing directly on me and I got sick and I had an ear ache like never before. We arrived in Phuket and the humidity greeted us!! I can safely say SA never gets that hot... The hotel was stunning. Phuket is extremely cheap, we bought a whole lot of stuff and went for massages almost every day the way it's cheap. We enjoyed the food (neehh not really), the night life, wrote our names on the beaches, visited the malls, the big buddha, the temples, rode on elephants, but most important we just had fun, all I can say is, I had the best time ever… The trip was a major success, and I don't regret it one bit... The proof is in the pudding as they say… see for yourself! Anyway guys you'll have to excuse me now, I am planning my next adventure!

elephant ride in Thailand

sipping a coconut in PhuketHoliday in Thailand

2013-07-23 Rating 4/5 : So it was my 30th birthday, possibly the worst pit stop on my journey in this life as I was at the grotesque end to a bad marriage. Amidst the storm I was blessed with the opportunity to fulfill a 'to do' on my bucket list. Nervously, I had to make the decision on or Thailand. I knew I wanted a tropical holiday, I knew I wanted to bask in the golden sun listening to the soft lapping of the cool waters whilst sipping on coconut water. I knew I I wanted to ride the elephants and shop till my feet protested. I had the whole vision I'm my head. Being the spontaneous spark that I am I decided Thailand it was going to be! I dismissed the tsunami warnings and drug trafficking scares and confirmed with my travel agent that I will accept the travel package she quoted me, 7 nights in Phuket Thailand. This would be the first adventure after 10 years that I would embark on alone. I was booked to travel with out of Durban, way too early in the morning to even mention but with the adrenalin surging through my veins and the 'peacock-pride' I had for myself, sleep was far from me. I arrived at OR Tambo just before I could spontaneously combust with excitement. I checked in with Thai Airways, I had never heard of them before but the terminal was easy to find. My luggage was booked in at King Shaka Airport I was in and done in what seemed like a whiz. Ticket in hand, I boarded a few hours later and settled down to brace myself for a long ride to paradise. My paradise, my dream, my accomplishment, my sanity. The attendants were very professional and dressed in the cutest Asian uniforms ever. ' Sawadika' was a greeting I was about to hear a lot for the next 7 days. I had a window seat with a retired couple for company. Two red wines later and I was amped for my big adventure, I was even adorned with patience to listen to my neighbours travel-stories whilst my mind escaped on its own journey to a tropical oasis on the approaching horizon. The flight was flawless with perfect weather and no delays. The food on board was an experience, one that taught me , when in doubt, go vegetarian! My trip to Thailand was an awakening and a soul refreshing 7 days, it rekindled my love for travel and directed me to the arms of my soul mate. My flight back home was a harsh jolt into reality and in retrospect, I will always have a tender spot in my heart for Thai Airways. If I had to rate this airline I would give it a 4, not my best flight but certainly my most meaningful flight symbolising my hope, freedom and the spark of a new love. I plan to revisit Thailand in the next 5 years and would definitely fly Thai Airways again.

Thai Airways flight
Flight to Phuket

2013-04-22 Rating 5/5 : "We have travelled to Thailand form South Africa every year for the past 5 years. From the moment you board the Thai Airways flight, landing in Bangkok or Hong Kong and finally arriving in Phuket is what dreams are made of. The first time I went to Phuket was in 2009.  My now husband planned an extremely romantic engagement on Coral Island.  It was idyllic and a setting that no words could ever justify.  It was PERFECT, ROMANTIC and the best place in the world to get engaged.  The Thai hospitality is admired and a huge reason why we return regularly.  A year later, 2010 we celebrated our Honeymoon in Phuket.  Loving the place as much as we did, we decided to take our family members along for a memorable journey.  Again, the islands and people were absolutely breath taking! Our was breathless!  Thavorn Beach Village and Spa was the best selection ever!  The food, people, accommodation – all perfect and beyond our dreams.  In 2011 we took my son, my cousin, and my mom to visit the place that makes my heart beat, back to Phuket.  They too loved every minute.  We travelled to 8 islands in 16 days.  Perfect weather and fortunate enough to celebrate shokran!  It will be a lifelong memory for ever! In 2012 we took 3 friends couples along and stayed at Sun Set Beach Resort, Kalim.  Again, perfect and the most remarkable sun sets ever!  Phuket is really VERY special place!  I have no doubt in my mind that I will forever visit Phuket and the rest of Thailand. Memories for ever."

boats in Thailand, on the beach

Here's how they fish in Thailand.

fishing area in Thailand

Expect to feast.

Thailand feast


Thai Airways Financials

Although Thai Airways is listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand, the Ministry of Finance owns 51.03% of the company. Thai Airways owns 55% of Thai-Amadeus Southeast Asia, 49% of WingSpan Services Company, 49% of Thai Flight Training Company & 49% of Tour Eurng Luang.

  • 14 November 2013 : Thai Airways releases their financial results for the 9 months to 30 September 2013, reporting a loss of 6.3bn Baht. An interesting fact which came out of the financial is that the airline has decided to change the useful life of aircraft & engines from 15 years to 20 years (used for calculating depreciation), with a salvage value of 10% of its cost, starting from 1 January 2013. This change reduces the depreciation costs during the 9 month period by THB2bn. The company is selling some of its aircraft at a value lower than their book value, resuling in an impairment loss of THB4bn during the 9 month period. Thai Airways has a payment obligation of THB 60bn to purchase 2 A380-800s, 5 A320-200s, 4 A350-900XWBs & 6 B777-300ERs. See Thai Airways financials to 30 September and notes to Thai Airways financials to 30 Sep 2013. Thai Airways cites high competition, particularly in freight and mail services, and a slowdown in economic growth as contributing to the loss. On the cost side there was a 16.3% increase in personnel expense due to overtime and outsourced staff.

  • 14 August 2013 : Thai Airways release their financials for the quarter ending 30 June 2013. They highlight tougher competition from middle-eastern carriers, lower demand for air cargo (as a result of weakness in the EU economy) and a stable fuel price as being key factors. Thai Airways are on track for their plan to retire 16 planes in 2013 and add 17 new planes (including three A380-800s). Although Thai Airways increased its revenue by 2%, they still ran a loss of THB5bn.


  • 25 Feb 2014 - Thai Airways reports a loss of 12bn Thai Baht in the year to 31 December 2013, citing increased competition and the strength of the local currency (70% of Thai Airways' reveune is in the form of foreign currency).

  • 19 Feb 2014. Thai Airways reports a 1% fall in its revenue passenger kilometres on the Johannesburg to Bangkok flight route from January 2013 to January 2014..

  • 19 Dec 2013 : Thai Airways has been granted the right, by the Telecom Committee of Thailand's National Broadcasting & Tele-communications Commission, to offer in-flight Wi-Fi. Thai Airways wants to provide Wi Fi services on 17 of its planes, including 7 A300-300s and 6 A380-800s. In South Africa Mango Airlines is the only airline providing in-flight wi-fi.

  • 4 Dec 2013 : Thai Airways reports a fall in its cabin factor on Johannesburg to Bangkok flights from 70% in November 2012 to 64% in November 2013. Revenue passenger kilometres remained at 44 million.

  • 15 Oct 2013 : Thai Airways flights to South Africa are 70% full in September 2013 compared to 84% in September 2012.

  • 8 Sep 2013 : Thai Airways flight TG697 slipped off the end of the runway when landing at Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK). "After touchdown at Suvarnabhumi Airport, the landing gear malfunctioned and caused the aircraft to skid off the runway. Sparks were noticed from the vicinity of the right landing gear near the engine; the matter is under investigation. The captain took control of the aircraft until it came to a complete stop and passengers were evacuated from the aircraft emergency exits" said Sorajak Kaemsuvan, the President of Thai Airways. Nobody died and 14 passengers were sent to hospital - in total 80 passengers were reported injured. The plane sustained severe damage & was placed in custody & control of Thai's Department of Civil Aviation & National Air Accident Investigation Committee. Thai Airways has insured the plane for USD32m.

Thai Airways plane slipped off the runway

  • 31 Aug 2013 : Fifteen crew and more than 40 passengers are injured when flight TG600, an A380 operated by Thai Airways, hits turbulence just before descending towards Hong Kong, on its way from Bangkok. Damages to the plane were minor. Passengers have submitted claims against Thai Airways.

  • 29 Aug 2013 : Thai Airways applies to Thailand's telecom regulator for a licence to make WiFi available on its flights.

  • 11 to 13 Aug 2013 : To celebrate Mother's Day & the Queen's Birthday, Thai Airways is serving specially prepared meals on all flights from Bangkok (including Bangkok to Johannesburg).

Flights Routes

  • 3 December 2013. Thai Airways International launches flights from Bangkok to Sendai, Japan.

  • 30 July 2013. Thai Airways flights from Joburg to Bangkok are reduced from 4 to 3 a week. Friday flights are dropped, and the airline now flies on Mondays, Wednesdays & Saturdays.

  • 1 April 2013. JNB-BKK flight frequencies are increased from 3 to 4 a week.

  • October 2012. Thai Airways first Airbus A380 commences flights between Bangkok & Hong Kong.

Here's a photo of a Thai International Airways plane parked at Johannesburg O.R. Tambo International Airport.

Thai Airways plane parked at O.R. Tambo International Airport

Flight schedule

Passenger carried from JNB to BKK

Thai Airways passenger passenger load factor on its Johannesburg to Bangkok flight route (its only route into Africa):

  Load Factor MRPK*

Jan 2014



Oct 2013



Jan 2013



Oct 2012



*Million Revenue Passenger KMs.

  • January to June 2013 : 64%

  • January to June 2012 : 76%


Phone 011-268-2580

Visit at Three Commerce Square, 39 Rivonia Road, Sandhurst, Sandton, Johannesburg

Contact details of Thai Airways at OR Tambo International Airport:

Phone 011-390-3943/44


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