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SAA Flights to Hong Kong

SAA (South African Airways) operates direct daily flights from Johannesburg to Hong Kong (JNB-HKG). Flights are in Airbus A340-300s. They take off from Johannesburg's OR Tambo International Airport and land at Hong Kong International Airport, terminal 1.

Flights between JHB and Hong Kong temporarily Cancelled

SAA has cancelled flights between Johannesburg and Hong Kong on the 18th of July 2014. Flight SA286 from Johannesburg to Hong Kong and flight SA287 from Hong Kong to Johannesburg will be cancelled. Repairs are to be done on the aircraft after it went through severe turbulence earlier in the week. @@5 people were injured in that incident. ¬†Adverse weather conditions in the region close to Hong Kong is also a cause for concern with Typhoon Rammasun rolling in on the area. SAA has advised passengers to consult the airline’s website for further updates. Travellers that are affected by the cancellation can rebook their flight to the next available date. This change will be free of charge and subject to availability. This offer only runs up until the 25th of July 2014 before or on which the new tickets must be reissued.

28 injured as SAA flight hits Severe Turbulence

  • 16 July 2014 : 25 passengers and 3 SAA crew members on-board flight SA286 from Johannesburg to Hong Kong were rushed to the hospital after arriving in Hong Kong after their plane experienced extreme turbulence. Authorities said that at least 28 people were injured with two being seriously injured. The plane hit turbulence on the afternoon of the 15th of July 2014. The plane was violently tossed about by severe turbulence which threw passengers out of their seats. Most of the injuries were back and neck related as a unharmed passenger stated that many of the passengers flew up and hit the cabin ceiling. Another passenger who was unharmed said that the turbulence lasted around 7 minutes. She also said that the SAA crew handled the situation very well, staying calm and assisting passengers after the incident took place. The flight landed at Chek Lap Kok Airport at around 06:30 (SA Time) where a fleet of ambulances and fire crews were waiting. Injured crew and passengers were taken to a Hospital in the Chinese City where they are being treated for their injuries. We wish all of the injured a speedy recovery.


  • 23 Feb 2014 : South African Airways announced to parliament that it is losing at least R60m per annum on each international flight, so that's at least what it's losing on the JNB-HKG. However, SAA flights to Beijing are losing the airline R309m a year.

Did you know? The words "Hong Kong" come from "Hung & Gong", 2 Chinese characters meaning "fragrant harbour".

Flight Schedule

Flight SA286 is scheduled to leave JNB at 17h00 every day and arrive in HKG at 12h25 the next day. The total distance of the flight is 11,138km and the CO2 emissions are 1556 tons. The scheduled flight time is 13 hours and 5 minutes.

South African Airways has never let me down

14 August 2013 : Rating 5/5 : When you tell people that you have a 13 hour journey ahead of you with South African Airways, you don’t always get the most reassuring comments. They start off by telling you how someone’s luggage got lost, how the flights were delayed and that the cabin crew members are unfriendly. You just nod your head and try to focus on the positive because you are grateful that the SAA ticket you are holding in your hand was one of the cheapest, fastest options out there. I wish those people with the comments were on the same flight I was on from Johannesburg to Hong Kong so that they had the chance to change their beliefs about this airline because everything went smooth, from the check-in counter straight through to the luggage carousel. At O.R Tambo airport, I checked in, went through immigration without any hassles and boarded one of the most memorable flights I ever had. There is usually no reason to look forward to a 13 hour flight (with any airline) - minutes feel like hours, your seat turns into a block of cement and somewhere in the back someone starts snoring as soon as you doze off. Somehow, a miracle occurred, none of the above happened and I realised that flying on a weekday, in February (after the holiday season) does have its perks. Like many other passengers on the flight, I had three beautiful seats all to myself – once you know that you’ll have three seats to yourself for a whole 13 hours, they turn to gold and you’ll end up calling them beautiful. Besides sleeping like a non-crying baby, the experience I had with SAA was extremely pleasant and comforting. The cabin crew was professional, the meals tasted almost like my mother’s cooking and the in-flight entertainment had me glued to my seat(s) when I didn’t occupy them horizontally. Besides all the beautiful seats I had to myself, the flight arrived at Hong Kong airport earlier than the expected time which gave me a breather to catch my next flight in a way that doesn't involve running, and the exact same thing happened on the flight from Hong Kong to Johannesburg with SAA. A few extra minutes means a lot when you have to board another flight! People will always have something to say about a specific airline; one bad experience will turn into a series of stories and turn a mole hill into a mountain. Delays happen, bags get lost – it happens everywhere, such is life. I’m not loyal to one airline in particular, but rather loyal to the cheapest option available and SAA has never let me down!

SAA plane being boarded at Cape Town International Airport

Other Routes

There are no South African Airways direct flights from Cape Town to Hong Kong. There are 2 routes on which SAA operates flights to China : the JNB-HKG flight route, and flights from Johannesburg to Beijing.


The only other airline operating direct flights from Johannesburg to Hong Kong is Cathay Pacific. However, there are often cheaper flights via the middle-east or even Africa, with the low-cost long distance airliners. One the 1-stop routes SAA are competing against the likes of Emirates, Qatar Airways, Kenya Airways, Turkish Airlines and Ethiopian Airlines. However, if you're considering flying 1-stop bear in mind that it can take a lot longer (around 24 hours is typical).

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