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Kulula offers cows for Kate

13 Feb 2011

Kulula are South Africa's kings of ambush marketing, completely outwitting Fifa with last year's World Cup advertising & offering Sepp Blatter a free flight. Getting up to their fun again, Kulula offered to deliver a herd of cows to Buckingham Palace so Wills could pay Lobolo, a Zulu, Xhosa & Ndebele tradition which requires cows to be given to the bride's family to pay for her hand in marriage - the number of cows depending on the worth of the bride. Historically, younger sisters could be thrown in as part of the negotiation between the families, as alternate wives in case the bride should die.

Now, finally a reply from the Royal Family

"Dear Ms. Damen, Prince William and Miss Catherine Miiddleton have asked me to thank you for your generous offer, on behalf of, of a herd of cows, which you proposed to give the Couple to mark their forthcoming Wedding. The Prince and Miss Middleton were very touched that you should tink of them in this way, but I am afraid it will not be possible for them to accept your thoughtful gift. Prince William and Miss Middleton would have me send their best wishes and renewed thanks. Yours sincerely, Mrs Claudia Holloway."

Reply from Royal Family for Kulula cattle

Letter to the Royal Family

"Dear Prince William,

We would like to extend our heartfelt congratulations to you and Kate on your engagement and take this opportunity to wish you a long and happy marriage.

As you are aware, South Africa is a member of the Commonwealth and has historical ties with Britain, and we are delighted that you have continued this positive relationship with our country.

In a gesture of 'ubuntu' (the African philosophy of fostering unity) and to ensure correct wedding protocol is followed, the citizens of South africa have taken the liberty of organising you royal lobola - in the form of a herd of cows - fit for a princess. We felt it was the least we could do to show our support for this momentous occasion.

As you may know, lobola is a customary practice in Southern Africa where the groom makes a symbolic gift (traditionally cows) for the hand of the betrothed. The tradition is intended to unite both families, encourage mutual respect and ensure that the an is capable of supporting his wife.

We are contacting you to confirm where and when we can deliver the herd of cows, which we can assure you are of the finest British stock. We specifically selected British cows in order to avoid carbon emissions, whcih contribute to global warming, and international travel, which may cause the animals distress.

We look forward to welcoming you and Kate when you are next visiting South Africa.

Yours sincerely

Nadine Damen.
Marketing Manager


Kulula lobolo special

Kulula are running a special from Monday, the 14th Feb 2011 (Valentines day!) - a portion of every Kulula flight booked until the day before the royal wedding will go towards purchasing cows for Kate. A separate scheme is also being hatched to lure Will & Kate to South Africa for their honeymoon.

Check out Kulula's Special Lobola Nice Flights (one way, all inclusive)

The airline is taking its campaign to its Facebook page, where Kulula fans will determine how many cows Kate's worth. "Wills has been a big fan of South Africa and we're big fans of him and his bride-to-be. With all there is to arrange he probably hasn't considered fully the benefits of the lobola tradition. We're more than happy, alongside our kulula fans, to be sending him the finest cows we can get our hands on in order to make their happy day even more special." said kulula marketing genius Nadine Damen.

cows for Kate

"Wills might have forgotten to do the right thing.  So, in the spirit of über-ubuntu, we're paying Kate's lobola. You are going to have play the canny negotiator and help us to work out how many cows he should present to Kate's family. Be calm and fair, think carefully and weigh up all the various attributes of the bride in your head. Then cast your vote and do your country (and Wills) proud. Facts to consider for lobola should be Kate's education, achievements on and off the field, social standing, virtue, height, posture, hair condition, foot size and maybe the ability to wear silly hats without looking silly."

If, like us, you worry about the cows' well-being then don't fret - kulula are sourcing the cows in the United Kingdom to avoid upsetting them with a cruise.

Kulula Airlines aircraft painted with humorous slogans on it

Kulula statement

We're providing a uniquely South African twist to the UK royal wedding by delivering a herd of cows to Buckingham Palace. For every flight booked from 14 February to 28 April, we'll make a contribution to the cost of a herd fit for a royal lobola. This is a gesture of über-ubuntu on behalf of all South Africans as proud members of the Commonwealth. Lobola (for those not in the know) is a Southern African tradition in which a man makes a symbolic payment, traditionally of cows, for the hand of his betrothed. The tradition is designed to bring the families of the couple together, encourage mutual respect, and ensure that the man is capable of supporting his wife financially and emotionally. 

Wills has been a big fan of South Africa and we’re big fans of him and his bride-to-be. With all there is to arrange (not to mention all that Polo to play) he probably hasn’t considered fully the benefits of the lobola tradition. We’re more than happy, alongside our kulula fans, to be sending him the finest cows we can get our hands on in order to make their happy day even more special,” said Nadine Damen, Marketing Manager at kulula.

The cows will be sourced locally in the UK (to avoid shipping our local cows to an uncomfortably chilly climate and save on carbon emissions) following their acceptance by Kate’s family. In order to calculate an appropriate bride price, you are invited to vote on Facebook, what in your opinion is the size of the herd that would make a suitable lobola. 

 There are also ‘Special Romantic Royal Wedding Lobola Nice Flights’ flight specials on offer in a bid to coax the royal couple down to South Africa for their honeymoon and to allow local lovebirds to also take flight (without having to sell any wedding presents).“Let’s face it, weddings are expensive and times are still tough. With all the royal pomp the Brits demand, we’re sure the royal couple will be looking for some cheap, but lovely, deals in a warm climate to get over the whole thing,” added Damen.

Royal Wedding without Lobola

And if you think that's all they had up their sleeve in the first half of 2011, check out Kulula's April fools joke, where they pulled our legs that they were going to start a commercial skywriting service.

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