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Kulula April fool joke 2011

1 April 2011

It wouldn't be the 1st of April without a bit of Kulula humour - this time they pull our legs about offering a skywriting service at a fee (to keep airfares low?). You've got to be on your toes on the 1st April, with the pranksters like Kulula around.

" has become the first African passenger airline to offer a commercial Skywriting™ service, the low fare airline announced today. The service, originally developed for acrobatic display teams, has become increasingly popular thanks to technology that allows larger aircraft to safely achieve Skywriting with minimal discomfort to passengers.

“We’ve worked with experts from the UK’s Red Arrows, as well as Boeing, to create a truly unique Skywriting offering that works safely with a commercial passenger jet. If you have something big to say, what could be better than spraying it across the skyline at 34000 feet in letters made from giant green clouds?” said Camelia Bearhart, head of In-flight Marketing Projects at kulula.

According to Bearhart, there are no safety implications for passengers. “kulula customers on the flight will experience a similar sensation to flying in a holding pattern or going on a rollercoaster. However the writing phase of the flight will be timed not to coincide with beverage services,” she explains.

The new offering will initially be available on Cape Town - Jo’burg flights, but will be expanded to other routes if there is demand. It is expected that individuals will use this service for special occasions such as engagements, birthdays, and funerals as well as for commercial marketing.

The Skywriting will only add up to 10 minutes of extra flying time and passengers will be informed if it will take place on their flight when booking. The first message was delivered earlier this week with a timely advert for a new coach for one of South Africa’s leading sports teams. Skywriting will cost R10 000 per letter and is available in various colours."

Now that you've made it through the April fools joke, check out our Kulula April flight specials page to see what offers they have - no jokes involved :)

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