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KLM is the Netherlands' flag carrier operating flights from Johannesburg and Cape Town (seasonally) to Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport and beyond.

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KLM Royal Dutch Airlines offers 4 flights a week from Cape Town and daily flights from Johannesburg to Amsterdam. Skytrax rates KLM a 4 star airline and says it has the best airline staff service in Europe. KLM is a subsidiary of the Air France-KLM Group and has been operational since 1919. They currently operate flights to an approximately 130 destinations around the world!

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KLM News

  • 17 September 2020. KLM was one of the first airlines to announce that they are resuming operations to South Africa on 1 October 2020. The airline had to stop all scheduled services to South Africa in March, when a lockdown was announced. From 1 October 2020 they will be offering 4 flights per week between Johannesburg - Amsterdam and 6 flights per week between Cape Town - Amsterdam.

  • 26 October 2018. The airline announced that Economy class passengers booking flights from the 30th of October 2018 onwards will only be allowed one checked bag weighing 23kg. Passengers who booked before the 30th of October 2018 will still be allowed two checked bags. These changes do not affect premium economy and business class passengers.

  • 20 November 2015. KLM Air France has announced that they will expand their seasonal Cape Town - Amsterdam service to become a year-round service. From May 2016 they will be operating the route with their new Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner. The route has reportedly been 92,2% full due to South Africa being a popular tourist destination year-round. “Cape Town is a very popular tourism destination for Dutch travellers and this group makes up the third largest group of visitors from Europe after tourists from the UK and Germany,” says Tim Harris, ceo of Wesgro. 

  • 21 July 2015. Consider yourself a tech junkie? Then you might like to know that KLM has become one of the first airlines to launch an app for the Apple Watch. Travellers can download the latest mobile app, which also supports the Apple watch platform, to ease the check-in process as well as to stay up to date with flight schedules and times. Flying Blue members can also use the watch for up to date information on their status and miles. “Including the Apple Watch app in our range of digital services ties in perfectly with KLM’s ambition of providing its customers with the right service, at the right place, at the right time. The personal nature of the Apple Watch offers lots of potential to expand this commitment in the future,” says Tjalling Smit, senior vp digital Air France KLM. KLM wins once again!

  • 31 Jul 2014. KLM saved the day, at least for Freshly Ground and their fans! The airline came to the group's rescue after they expressed concern on Facebook over whether they will be able to make it to Glasgow for their Commonwealth concerts. Their flight from Amsterdam to the UK was delayed due to bad weather, leaving them stuck in Schiphol Airport. KLM immediately responded with great humour, even requesting an impromtu airport performance from the group whilst finding suitable flights for them. Thanks to KLM, fans of the group haven't been disappointed and could see them live in the UK yesterday!

  • 15 Jan 2014. eDigitalResearch announced that KLM topped the Travel Social Media Benchmark with over 4,5 million followers on Facebook. This is significantly more than any other airline. They are also communicating with more fans on other social media sites like Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ than any other party in the travel sector.

  • 14 Sep 2013. KLM flight 592 from Johannebusrg to Amsterdam has an engine shut down just south of Rome, after a possible oil leak was noticed.

  • 22 Jul 2013. KLM wins the Airline Strategy Award for Environmental friendliness, after becoming the first airline to fly a passenger flight partially powered by biofuel.

  • 25 Mar 2013. KLM shows off its new business class seats on its Boeing 747-400s, with greater privacy, curtains & new carpets. “By choosing to work with Hella Jongerius, KLM is opting to engage a top Dutch designer to help make our business-class passengers feel at home on board. As a designer, Hella has broad experience that she can apply to the needs of KLM and its customers, in accordance with the specific requirements for cabin interiors in the airline industry. Her previous projects demonstrate her ability to process such criteria into top-quality designs such as the ‘polder sofa’, which is both comfortable and beautiful. With her expertise and focus on quality, she is keenly aware of what makes a brand unique.” said the Managing Director KLM, Erik Varwijk. The first flight with the newly designed seats will be in July 2013, and all B747s will be completely refitted by April 2014. The next step is to start work on the Boeing 777's in 2014.

  • 1 May 2013. Amsterdam - Cape Town flights are reduced from 5 to 4 a week.

  • 29 Oct 2012. KLM commences 3 weekly flights (on Mondays, Thursdays & Saturdays) from Harare (Zimbabwe), which is being served in combination with Lusaka (Zambia). Flight KL523 will be operated with an Airbus A330-200, and is scheduled to leave Harare at 22h30, stop in Lusaka, and arrive in Amsterdam the following morning at 10h20. Erik Varwijk, KLM Managing Director and Executive Vice President of Air France KLM International & The Netherlands, said that “KLM sees great growth opportunities in Africa. This year we launched services to Luanda in Angola and Lusaka in Zambia, and in 2011 we began serving Kigali in Rwanda. This new addition to our network strengthens our position in Africa.”

  • 28 Mar 2010. A new KLM baggage allowance regime is introduced.

  • Dec 2009. KLM Economy Comfort seats are introduced (in between economy and business class).

  • 27 Oct 2003. The first non-stop flight from Amsterdam to Cape Town.

  • 7 Oct 1947. A scheduled service from Amsterdam to Nairobi to Johannesburg commences.

  • 26 Mar 1947. Test flights commence from Amsterdam to Tunis, Tripoli, Kano & onward to Johannesburg.

  • 6 Oct 1946. The first KLM flight to Johannesburg is made by Captain KD Parmentier in a DC-4 PH-TCE.

KLM is the Leader in Social Media intergration. Check out this video which shows how they reward passangers who tag, mention or tweet to them while waiting for their KLM flights to depart.

KLM Flight Reviews

The views expressed below are not necessarily those of South Africa Travel Online:

  • 4 October 2013. Rating 2.5/5 "I recently flew from CT to London return on KLM. The ticket was reasonably prices, and the journey there was quick and painless. I have always enjoyed Schiphol - transfers are quick and easy - or maybe that's just because I know my way around. The return journey was a little more eventful. Having a day flight meant leaving London very early - and there was the additional cost of getting to the airport before public transport options kicked into operation. But I made it to the airport for the day flights via Amsterdam to Cape Town. I have never had a problem sleeping on planes - maybe learning to sleep on African and South American buses and trucks helped - so the day flight was not ideal. I did however watch a few movies and work on my Chromebook which has a long battery. Everyone was friendly, and unlike the last time I flew KLM to SA, my luggage arrived un-tampered and on-time (the last time a bottle of French Champagne and Spanish wine 'were liberated' in flight and arrived 3 days after me). Over the last 20 years I have experienced more than 50 different airline's food, and I have noted a steady improvement. Most airlines have developed menu's that are delicious despite the limited culinary facilities on board. My return journey from Amsterdam was memorable for the wrong reasons: breakfast and lunch were unfortunately from before the development of delicious airline food. Better luck next time?"

  • 24 April 2013. "My only child Kay had been in Holland for nearly 3 years . Kay visited once a year and pleaded with me to visit her in mid year.  At least we could then see each other every 6 months. I missed her so much.  My heart ached just thinking of her.  She had her own flat at our house in South Africa.  When I saw something I knew she would like I bought it and put it in her flat for when she visited. We often skyped but still I didn't really know her real circumstances.  She is a get goer, and things don't get her down very easily, but still I wanted to see her real life overseas, not the window dressing she is going to do knowing I am on my way. As we all know,  if you are not going to stay in hotels or similar accommodation you have to be invited by someone staying in the Netherlands.  Since Kay may not know about me planning a visit,  I had to ask someone for an invitation letter to hand in at the Netherlands Embassy. Kay has a dear  friend Martin in Netherland.  I wrote his mother a letter telling her I want to visit but Kay may not know.  The following 5 months flew with all the arrangements I had to do. Eventually I sat on the aeroplane on my way to Holland.  In my suitcases all the things from the flat I had bought throughout the past couple of months. In my arms a warm jacket, 6 hobby books and an overstuffed hand luggage suitcase. On my feet boots with a METAL BUCKLE. When boarding the KLM aeroplane I told the Air Hostess I am a first time flyer.  She assisted me with the TV and getting my seat in a comfortable position.  Throughout the flight  of 7 hours I never slept and never once went to the toilet. Only picturing Kay's face in front of me. During the flight I took off my shoes.  When wanting to put it on again  my feet were swollen and I had to take off my socks to let my boots fit.  Going through customs in Switzerland where I had to climb over I was told to take off my shoes because of the METAL BUCKLE.  I went through customs with BARE FEET. Joke (Martin's Mother) was waiting for me at Schipol Airport.  I couldn't not hear a word she said because of the language and the buzz in my ears from flying.  I sat on the right side of the car. In SA the driver sits there.  Arriving at  The Hague needless to say I was totally freaked out. Joke disguised me as one of her friends with a hat and glasses.  She knocked on the door where Kay stayed and asked if she could bring her friend with her for lunch.  I appeared ...   Kay shouted MAAAAA!!!!!!!!! Recognizing me with one look from underneath  the hat and glasses.  During the two weeks I stayed with her every now and then she would hug me,  saying  "Mommy it feels like I am dreaming."  "I can not believe you are really here". I could see the way my child really lives.  She works hard to pay for her studies but she lives a life making me very proud. When days go by without me hearing something from her I send an sms  " Your doorbell is going to ring". She texting back "That is part of my plan". I visited Europe a couple of times after that but it will never ever be so special as my first flight to my only child."

  • Chip Walter flew from Amsterdam to Africa with KLM: "THAT is the end game – Africa.  Flights to an exotic place, a place of Good Hope, a place that the great Dutch explorers settled and swept around as they plied the world’s waters and created the first global trade routes. AND a place I would soon write about where the world we live in today began a very long time ago. That was where I was headed, and I’m sure my journey wasn’t nearly as difficult or as dangerous as even the richest Dutch captain. So I have resolved to shut my yap, open my sleepy eyes and smile at all the other Last Apes Standing, each with their own issues and dreams and destinations, flowing around me in search of plumbing and caffeine."

KLM aircraft

  • Rating 4.5/5 : Whilst growing up in Mbabane, an incident at an airshow results in Coy Dlamini being afraid of flying. In this delightful review, explains how .

KLM 787 aircraft in the sky

KLM Flights is Rated 3.5/5 from 2 reviews

Flights to the UK

KLM operates flights to the following destinations in the UK:  Aberdeen, Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Durham, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Humberside, Kent, Leeds, London, Manchester, Newcastle & Norwich.

Flights to Italy

  • 27 October 2013. KLM commences 12 flights a week to Florence in Italy.

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KLM South Africa

0860 247 747
010 205 0101

Contact details

Phone KLM at 0860 247 747 or 010 205 0101

KLM's Baggage Services are handled by BidAir, who you can phone at 011 921 6074/73.

Golf bags on KLM

Changes to AF KL Baggage Policy eff. for all ticketing from 17 October 2011 & travel on/after 01 November 2011

- Changes to Free Baggage Allowance to/from Southern Africa* to US/CA  - 1PC @ 23kg only Permitted Free  
-  Excess Baggage Fee of USD75 will apply for 2nd additional PC in Economy to/from Southern Africa to US/CA 
-  GDS are updated to show the correct PC allowance at time of fare quote/ticket issuance

(** Southern Africa includes the following countries: South Africa, Namibia, Mozambique, Botswana, Swaziland & Lesotho) 

Updated table for AFKL Baggage Policy effective for ticketing from 17 October 2011 & travel on/after 01 November 2011





Free Baggage Allowance

Excess Baggage Fee

Long Haul

Short Haul

Piece Concept (PC)*
No of Pieces Free

Over the Free allowance

AF Voyageur (Economy)
KL Economy (Comfort)

Voyageur / Economy

1PC @ 23kg

2nd Bag @ USD100 
Exception to US/CA @ USD75 Further Bags @ USD200

AF Premium Voyageur 
AF Alize

Premium Economy

2PC @ 23kg each


AF Affaires (Business) 
KL Business

Premium Affaires / Business

**2PC @ 32kg each


AF La Premiere (First)



**3PC @ 32kg each



* Piece Concept:

1 PC = 1 Bag irrespective of weight of bag (ie 1bag of 10kgs or 1bag of 23kgs = 1 PC) 
1 PC - Free maximum weight per piece  is 23kgs for Economy & Premium Economy Cabins
1 PC – Free maximum weight per piece is 32kgs for Business & First Cabin  

* Heavy Bag: 

Fee USD100 applies for all bags between 23-32kg

Travel in AF Voyageur (Economy) / KL Economy (Comfort) 
- 2nd Bag is FREE to/from West & East Africa to USA/CA (ie when AF or KL through fares are applied eg NBONYC) 
- 2nd Bag is FREE to/from West / Central / East Africa destinations (ie when AF or KL through fares are applied eg JNBLOS) 

Flying Blue Silver, Gold, Platinum Members (Elite/Elite Plus) 
- 1 extra PC permitted Free over the Free Baggage Allowance

Golf Bags on AF & KL 
 Golf Bags are counted as part of the free baggage allowance. Like any other baggage item, normal dimensions and weight apply.
eg: when baggage allowance is 1PC, customers can check-in either one golf bag or other item of baggage free of charge. Any additional items will be considered XBAG and charged accordingly 

Exception for Flying Blue Golf Members
An exception applies for FB Golf members when: 
- they present a pre-printed golf bag waiver voucher at check-in
- the complete itinerary includes only flights operated by AF, KL, City Jet, Brit Air and/or Regional
The voucher can be pre-printed at ""

All interested Flying Blue members can join the Flying Blue Golf Club on or  

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