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Interlink Airlines flights

Interlink Airlines was a small airline which was operating flights in South Africa and based at Pretoria/Tshwane Wonderboom Airport. On 23 Feb 2009, Interlink Airlines was placed into provisional liquidation.

Interlink Airline's contact details


0861 101 135


+27 (0)11 395 9040


+27 (0)11 395 3055


info@interlinkairlines dot com

Jobs at Interlink

hr@interlinkairlines dot com

Charter flights

murad@interlinkairlines dot com

Group enquiries

holidays@interlinkairlines dot com

Online bookings

www.interlinkairlines dot com

Interlink Airlines plane

Interlink flight routes

flights from Pretoria to Cape Town

flights from Cape Town to Pretoria

flights from Pretoria to Durban

flights from Durban to Pretoria

inside of an Interlink Airlines plane

Interlink Airline's flight licence

Interlink Airlines can operate flights on any size helicopter or aeroplane, as it has an A1, A2, A3, A4 and H1 + H2 license.

Interlink plane


Maraldiya Cader & Murad Allie Ismail (who are married).

Staff at Interlink Airline

Mrs. Cader (Marketing and Cabin Services departments & Chairperson of the Interlink Board), Mr. Ismail (Official Examiner), Mr. Kaplan (General Manager: Corporate Services), Mr. Maharaj (General Manager: Flight Operations), Dr. Motshwane (Responsible Person: Air Ambulance) and Mr. Rod Murphy (consulting commercial manager).

Interlink aircraft on the tarmac

History of Interlink Airline

23 Feb 2010

Provisional liquidation of Interlink Airlines.

28 Dec 2009

Interlink suspends Pretoria flights until the 23rd January 2010, as a result of damaged suffered on its only airline on the route (from a bird strike). As a result of the recent bird strike, Interlink Airlines later goes on to make a donation to the Animal Anti Cruelty League - Bellville Branch - to assist them in fund raising to start a specialist bird section.

11 Dec 2009

Interlink Airlines' commences flights between Pretoria (Wonderboom) and Durban.

20 Nov 2009

Interlink Airlines' first flight between Pretoria (Wonderboom) and Cape Town. Flights between Durban and Johannesburg, and Cape Town and Johannesburg are suspended whilst the Pretoria route is opened.

4 Jul 2008

Interlink Airline starts flights between Johannesburg and Durban (the cheapest going for R398 one-way).

27 Jun 2008

Interlink Airline starts flights between Johannesburg and Cape Town (the cheapest going for R398 one-way)

19 Apr 2005

Interlink Airline apparently concludes an oral agreement with the South African Police and Correctional services to transport 220 members to the World Police and Fire Games in Quebec (Canada). The SA government pays over R3m for the flight from Johannesburg to Quebec, but the plane never took off and allegedly did not have permission to enter Canadian airspace. The R3m is repaid to the SA government, but in April 2008 the SA government sued Interlink for expenses related to non-refundable hotel deposits, costs of training for the games and visa fees. The court case was later dismissed.


Interlink Airline is founded

Interlink Airline aircraft

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