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Interlink Airlines plane on the tarmacInterlink flight

BA (British Airways) was cheapest, but we decided to book an Interlink flight anyway, as we haven't flown Interlink yet (the Interlink Airlines review on the 6th Apr 2009 was done by an associate of ours - thanks Chris!) and we have flown BA South Africa many times and know that BA gives a good ride.

Flight route & quotes

We were checking prices for 2 adults and a 3 year old to fly from Cape Town to Johannesburg on the 24th July:

  • Interlink were quoting R1935

  • BA were quoting R1877

Interlink flight quote

Interlink Airlines (Pty) Ltd
P. O. Box 752198
South Africa

We thank you for supporting Interlink Airlines.
This page serves as your Electronic Ticket. Please print this page and identify yourself for travel by means of your driver's license, identify document or passport.

Domestic Flights
Please take note that the check-in counters opens 2 hours prior and closes 30 minutes prior to departure. Your baggage allowance for checked baggage is 20kgs and hand luggage is 7kgs. In excess of 20kgs the excess baggage charge will be ZAR30/kg.

International Flights
Please take note that the check-in counters opens 3 hours prior and closes 1 hour prior to departure. Your baggage allowance for checked baggage is 20kgs and hand luggage is 7kgs. The excess baggage charges are: JNB to JED will be ZAR250/kg and JED to JNB SAR100/kg. For other Routes see Website.

Terms and Conditions
The Standard Terms & Conditions of Carriage applies, a copy of which is available on request. For any Special Conditions of Carriage refer to Agent’s Agreement, where applicable.









2009/07/24     18-00


2009/07/24     20-00

Flight Fares

R 1338.00  

Airport and Passenger Taxes

R 597.00  


R 1935.00  

Interlink bumps us onto a Mango flight

After paying extra to get onto an Interlink flight to review it, we ended up being bumped onto a Mango flight. We wrote to Interlink to tell them we were trying to review their flights, and this is the last we heard from them on the 7th July 2009:

Good day,

I do apologize for the inconvenience caused, I will however put this request through to management and get back to you with there reply.


----- Original Message -----

From: CheapFlightsSA

To: Karen Baker ; nicole@interlinkairlines dot com

Sent: Monday, July 06, 2009 9:45 PM

Subject: Re: Booking Confirmation

Hi Nicole

Thanks for this info, and I accept that we will have to fly Mango this time round.

We run South Africa Travel Online (independently rated 65th busiest website in South Africa by the Website Association of South Africa - see http://www.wasa.co.za/stats/cat), and had specifically booked Interlink in order to review your airline which we have never before flown on (see http://www.southafrica.to/transport/Airlines/Interlink-flights/2009/Interlink-flight.php5).  I don't want to end the review by saying that we were bumped off the flight and had to fly Mango.  Could you possibly facilitate a future date in which we can fly Interlink and review your airline?

Warm regards,

Karen & Rob Baker

From:Nicole Lovell
Sent: 06 July 2009 11:22 AM
Cc: matabeleant@gmail.com
Subject: Fw: Booking Confirmation
Importance: High

Good day,

Interlink Airlines apologises for the inconvenience caused.

Please find below copy of the new eticket on Mango Airlines. Please proceed to the check in counters 2 hours prior to departure, with a form of ID and your reference number.

Have a good trip.


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