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Iberia Airlines is based in Spain, and offers competitively-priced direct flights from Johannesburg to Madrid. Use the flight bookings tool on the left to find & book the cheaepest flight to Spain. You can even earn a flight discount voucher to use on future flights.

In 2010 Iberia merged with British Airways to form the new company International Airlines Group (IAG) although both airlines continue to operate under their current brands.

In 2012 the company cancelled their direct flights from Johannesburg to Madrid, but resumed operations by the end of 2016.


1 July 2016: Iberia is set to resume flights between Johannesburg and Madrid from the 1st of August 2016. They will operate three return flights a week. Flights to Maddrid will depart on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturday and return flights will depart on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays.

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6 August 2013. Rating 2/5 : We had chosen Spain – for the food, the art and the romance. As expected, we experienced all three, and in abundance. Five days Barcelona; five days Madrid. Return to Spain? Any time! Their November winter is like a Durban June: the locals tell you it is cold, and by their boots and jackets you can tell they're not lying. But you know better: this is mock winter. This is Spain. This is one of THE destinations for good taste and good tasting, no matter the season. We had chosen Iberia as our airline between South Africa and Spain – for price and time. Iberia was substantially cheaper than the competition, and the flights are direct, so you spend less time being jet-propelled through the skies. So, Iberia it was. The Johannesburg–Madrid flight was without a hitch. The return flight… well, let's just say: it was everything that Spain wasn't. We were travelling vegetarian. Apart from a range of other advantages, it also means your airplane meals are served before the traditional "chicken or beef" chime of the flight attendants starts. Given that Spain is so very good at veggie meals, it was a surprise just how wrong their airline this time got the "vegetarian option". It was salad. As all vegetarians know, a salad is no meal. What is more, it was not a good salad. The lettuce was sagging; the tomato was soggy. The blend was amateurish; bland, the taste. ¿Por favor, where did Spain go? The service matched the food. Spain's friendly efficiency had disappeared. Matronly figures dourly and brusquely passed out meal containers as if they were auditioning for roles as poorhouse cooks in a movie of a Charles Dickens story. Pointing out the meagre meal of sad salad was met by stern, pitiless stares. Not the slightest attempt was made to rectify the matter, or to offer an alternative (a simple cheese sandwich would've been nice), or to smooth over matters with a winsome smile. It was all grimaces and even grimmer prospects… But we weren't taking chances. Rather a night of empty tummies than a night of upset stomachs. The poorhouse meal remained uneaten. No surprise, the umpteen e-mails inviting me again to fly Iberia remain unread…

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