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British Airways seat booking

From 7 October 2009,  British Airways is launching a new service to give more customers more control over their seating choice. Nearly all passengers will now be able to choose their seats before checking in. This will continue to be free for some passengers, whilst others will pay for this service. All passengers who have not chosen their seats in advance will be able to choose from the remaining available seats for free when they check in. 

BA launches ticket holding option

27 Aug 2014. BA recently introduced a holding fee option that allows South Africans to hold long-haul flight bookings for up to 3 days. Clients will be charged £10 (R180) to hold long-haul flights for up to 72 hours. If customers pay for their flight within the 72 hours their hold deposit will be refunded.

More information

British Airways will continue to offer customers the option to choose their seats for free when they check in. Checking in on on the BA website provides the earliest opportunity to do this.  As customers often ask to request specific seats before checking in, BA have changed our policy to allow them to do so, for a fee.  Customers can choose seats from the time they book up to 24 hours in advance of travel at the following costs: 
- Euro Traveller (economy in Europe) and Domestic flights will pay £10 per person per sector 
- Club Europe (business class in Europe), World Traveller, and World Traveller Plus (economy and premium economy long haul) passengers will pay £20 per person per sector 
- Club World (business class long haul) passengers will pay £60 per person per sector 
- First passengers can choose their seat free of charge at any time 

Passengers wishing to book an exit row seat in World Traveller and World Traveller Plus can do so from 10 to 4 days before departure at a cost of £50 per person per sector.

The following customers will continue to be able to choose their seat from the time of booking for free: 

  • Gold Executive Club members (and oneworld equivalents) 

  • Customers travelling in First 

  • Customers with additional needs (this includes those with disabilities or  other special requirements)

  • Silver Executive Club members (and oneworld equivalents) * 

  • Customers travelling with infants 

  • Customers holding a fully flexible ticket booked in J/C/W/Y booking classes* 

  • * Customers can choose a seat for free at time of booking, except exit row seats in World Traveller and World

  • Traveller Plus which can be purchased from 10 to 4 days prior to their flight.

BA plane at Cape Town International Airport

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