Ballooning Special Extended to August

Mohamed AsmalMohamed Asmal

I have written for the IOL Newspapers in Cape Town as a freelance journalist back in 2005, with about +- 20 stories published. I also worked for the Muslim radio station VOC as a News Presenter for a couple of months.

Besides that, my working experience since finishing school saw me travelling around the the major cities in South Africa. Originally from Durban, I found that I was always the adventurous type, never being able to sit on my laurels I began taking my business around the country and dealing with Chain-stores, supplying clothing and footwear. I found in 2000 that I had to move to Cape Town and settle there in what turned out to be where I met my wife. We are now married for 9 Years and have 2 Boys, aged 7 and 5 and Living the Chinese revolution as an English Teacher, with absolutuley no regrets.

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