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You can earn Mango vouchers using a Nedbank credit card (the most with their American Express card). A rule of thumb is that if you're spending less than R31,000 a month on your credit card, you're better off with a Kulula credit card than a Nedbank American Express card.

Kulula Credit Card Benefits

There's 3 main reasons to apply for a Kulula credit card: (1) Moolah, (2) extra baggage allowance & (3) more exposure to the famous Kulula humour. Here's some easy facts - when spending by using the Kulula credit card you earn "Kulula moolah", a pseudocurrency which can be used to purchase Kulula flights (for yourself or others). When you purchase Kulula flights with your Kulula credit card you earn a bonus amount of Kulula moolah equivalent to 3% of the cost of the flights. Kulula moolah expires after six months (i.e. the moolah you earn in January expires in June). You also get 5kg extra baggage allowance, allowing you 1 piece at 25kg. It's pretty easy to understand the value of Kulula moolah, as each R1 of Kulula moolah allows a R1 discount on a Kulula flight. To secure really cheap flights combine your moolah with Kulula specials.


December 2013. Safe Travels & Happy Spending from Kulula

Kulula safe travel & happy spending

9 May 2013. Kulula introduces a gold credit card.

Kulula's gold credit card

History of the Credit Card

  • 27 Aug 2008. Kulula announces that it has issued 20,000 Kulula credit cards.

  • 31 May 2008 Some new and already classic Kulula credit card ads

  • Kulula credit card3 Mar 2008. Using Billads' services, Kulula starts advertising its credit card on the inside of bill folders.

  • Sep 2007. A Gold Loerie is won for Kulula's credit card advertising campaign.

  • 26 Aug 2007. Kulula unveils its credit card.

  • 18 Aug 2007. Television advertisement for the launch of the Kulula credit card.

Monthly spend translates into Kulula moolah as follows

spend R0 - R5 000

earn 3% back in kulula moolah

spend R5 001 - R10 000

earn 2% back in kulula moolah

spend R10 001 - R20 000

earn 1% back in kulula moolah

spend over R20 000

earn 0%

Kulula credit card applications

Kulula credit card website

Telephonic applications

0860 666524

Applications by fax

011 352 0763

Postal address

P O Box 1420
Johannesburg 2000
Gauteng Province
South Africa

Street address

Cnr Jeppe & Simmonds Street
Johannesburg 2001
Gauteng Province
South Africa

Email applications


The Kulula credit card has a complex fee structure (but to be fair, no more complex than most other banks - the exception being the Virgin Money credit card, which has a very simple fee structure). There's an annual fee, a card replacement fee, cheque deposit fee, international currency conversion fee, internet banking fees, cash deposit fees, withdrawal fees, cash on budget fees, balance enquiry fees, statement fees, declined authorisation fees, charges on unpaid cheques, over limit fees, unpaid automati payment fees, late payment fees, early settlement fees, reschedule fees, bank cheque administration fees, cheque clearance fees, rejected debit order handling fees, cash handling fees, sprecial arrnagement fees, voucher retrieval fees, etc...

Issuing Bank

Kulula credit cards are issued by Firstrand Bank Limited (a registered bank,
registration number 1929/001225/06) and the other partner is Visa.

Qualifying for a Kulula card

To qualify for a Kulula credit card, you need to be at least 21 years old and earning at least a minimum amount a month.

Up to date information

The information on this webpage may be out of date - to get up to date information go to the Kulula website.

Kulula credit card terminology

Some of Kulula's credit card terminology is quite complex. We wrote to them to help us decipher it, and here's a list of Kulula credit card terminology explained.

Legal framework

The legal framework around the Kulula credit card is governed by a terms and conditions document, which is a complex (but not impossible) read. Here's a summary of the Kulula credit card terms and conditions. Remember that is the trading name of a company officially known as Comair Limited (registration number

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Kulula moolah R200

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