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Kulula credit cardApplying for a Kulula credit card

12 Apr 2008. I've decided to take the plunge and apply for a Kulula credit card, so I googled my way to the Kulula credit card page, clicked "Apply Now" and I faced my first choice:

  • Do I want a Kulula credit card OR am I here to get another Kulula credit card (presumably there are enough people flocking in for their second or third Kulula credit card to warrant this question)?

Kulula advertise that it'll take some 10 minutes of my time to apply for the card. I am also comforted to know that if I get stuck assistance is just a phone call away - 0860 666524 (MOOLAH).

Those undergoing debt counselling need not apply

Since I'm 18, got an SA ID, my last 3 months bank statements and my email address; I am ready to apply. Happily I'm not undergoing debt counselling or I would have got the following nasty message (discrimination, I tell you):

Debt counselling message when applying for Kulula credit card

And in case you don't know what debt counselling is, Kulula conveniently let us know about "collective debts owing to multiple credit card providers" - not a situation most people would like to be in.

The legal stuff

What Kulula calls the "legal stuff" is quite an intense read, comprising the terms and conditions for the Kulula credit card (stuff like the fact that Firstrand Bank/FNB administer and own the credit card, Kulula owns and runs the Kulula Moolah flight rewards program, and the card is branded as VISA). Here's a summary of the Kulula card terms .

Enter your Details

Having assured Kulula that I'm not undergoing debt counselling and I've read the "legal stuff", next I had to enter a bunch of information about myself including ID number, marital status, that I'm married with an antenuptial contract, that I speak english, phone numbers, email address, physical address, postal address, how much I earn and where I work:

your title


your surname


your first name


your middle name(s)


your id or passport number


your home number


your work number


your cellphone number


your email address


preferred contact method


receive statements by


your role in the rat race


gross annual income


household annual income


have you tied the knot


marital contract


your street name and number


auto limit increase


Friendly note to Kulula's IT guys - you are asking for the work phone number twice.

Approved in principal

After typing in all the details the Kulula credit card machine did a few calcs and then let me know that I've been approved in principal, and told me what my credit limit is. Then it did some further calcs and told me what it thinks the following are (not doubt something to do with the National Credit Act):

  • gross income

  • tax, pension fund and medical aid

  • net monthly income

  • living expenses (clothing, cellphone, gym, groceries, traveling, etc)

  • debt free income

It clearly connects with other systems, as it knows that I have an ABSA credit card.

Debit order details

After accepting the affordability details, it was time to fill in the debit order details. I filled in that I wanted my debit order to settle the full amount outstanding.

Incomplete application

Then the phone rung, and my session timed out...when I navigated back to the Kulula credit card site, it recognised that there was an incomplete application which needed to be completed...unfortuanately I had not had a chance to take down the reference number, so had to start again :(

incomplete application on the Kulula credit card site

Back to the debit order

debit order details for Kuluala credit card application

After filling in the debit order details I agreed to the following:

I hereby authorise FirstRand Bank Limited to debit my account as listed above for the purposes of paying amounts owing by me on my kulula credit card Account on a monthly basis

I confirm that the account information as provided above is an account in my name and as such I have the right to give FirstRand Bank Limited the authority to debit such account on a monthly basis. Further, I will be liable for any claims, losses or damages of whatsoever nature arising out of any debits made by FirstRand Bank Limited to the account as listed above should such account have insufficient funds, be incorrect or held in the name of any other person

I confirm that the account listed above is compliant with the Financial Intelligence Centre Act (???FICA???)

Delivery of credit card

I then had the option of having the credit card delivered to my home address, work address or an alternative address.


Kulula then provided me with a quotation, which I indicated I had downloaded and agreed to (the pre-agreement), and then finished the transaction by closing the window. I cant wait for that little green card to arrive.

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