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Huisgenoot Musiekvaart (Cruise)

*This is an article from the 2012/2013 cruise season, and the prices as well as cruise itinerary are no longer applicable. The page is retained for historic reference purposes only. If you would like prices/quotes for the current season's Huisgenoot Musiekvaart (Cruise), please click the options in the green box to the right*

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Huisgenoot msc-sinfonia

Huisgenoot once again have organised a music cruise that will have performances by some top local talent for anyone who is up for a jolly good time out at sea. Sing along to some treffers all the way to the white sandy beaches and wonderful summer sun of Portuguese Island (Mozambique) and back, whilst enjoying the comforts of the MSC Sinfonia.

Get into the vibe with performances by Riana Nel, Andriette, Emo Adams, Wynand & Cheree, Jannie Moolman, Die Campbells and Adam Tas.

If you still haven't made plans for the 1st to the 4th of March 2013 then why not book yourself a Musiekvaart.

Huisgenoot het weereens besluit om ‘n jolige musiek vaart te organiseer met Suid-Afrikaanse talent aan die stuur.  Sing bietjie saam terwyl ons vaar vanaf Durban na die spierwit strande en strelende somer sonnetjie van die Portugese Eiland en Mosambiek.

Ons kan uitsien na optredes deur Riana Nel, Andriette, Emo Adams, Wynand & Cheree, Jannie Moolman, Die Campbells en Adam Tas.

As jy nog nie planne het vir 1 tot 4 Maart 2013 nie, kry ‘n paar vriende bymekaar en bespreek ‘n kajuit op hierdie plesierige Musiekvaart.


A couple can expect to pay the following:

Cabin Position

Total Price

Inside (no window)


Outside (window)


Balcony Suite


Included in the price above:

The 30% Prima (early booking) Special;

A cabin for 2 adults in the cabin position indicated;

3-meals daily, and snacks in between;

All on-board entertainment; and

Port charges, service fees and travel insurance.

Not everything can be included though, such as the following:

All beverages;

Any excursions once you get off the ship in Mozambique; and

Any other items that have not been mentioned.

Yes, there is some legal jargon to throw in, such as:

Prices can change, and if you snooze you lose. Probably someone has already booked the cabins you wanted whilst you were scrolling all the way down here!



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