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Cruise to Monaco

We cheated a bit and cruised to Villefranche, before taking a 10 minute train trip from Villefranche to Monaco. As we exited the station we saw this sculpture of W Williams in his Bugatti racing car, the first winner of the Monaco Grand Prix (and also a World War II hero - fluent in French and English, Williams was sent into France to sabotage Nazi activities - he was caputured and executed in 1945).

racing car sculpture in Monaco

In the background behind the Williams statue is Sainte-Devote Chapel, a Roman Catholic Chapel dedicated to the Patron Saint of Monaco, Saint Devota. In the Monaco Grand Prix this stretch is called the Sainte Devota corner.

Saint Devote Chapel in Monte Carlo

Here's the Monaco Institute of Sports Medicine amd Surgery, which opened its doors in 2006, and if you've got the money you can go there to recover from that sports injury that's been troubling you.

Monaco Institute of Sports Medicine

The Casino Monte-Carlo with the ornate gardens of Casino Square in front of it.

gardens in front of Casino Monte Carlo

View of Casino Square from the other side. In the background we can see Le Millefiori, a skyscraper used for residential purposes.

Casino Square in Monte Carlo

High-end vehicles crowd Monaco, and behind them is the Brasserie du Cafe de Paris, which offers an opportunity for lunch in the heart of Monte Carlo's Place du Casino. The Cafe was crowded with people from an insurance conference when we were there.

Brasserie du Cafe de Paris in Monaco

Want to marry a millionaire? The Moods Studio & Music Bar might just be the place to hang out.

Moods Studio Bar in Monaco

Hotel de Paris - the spot to stay if you've just broken the bank in Monte Carlo.

Hotel de Paris in Monte Carlo

The theatre in Monte Carlo.

theatre in Monte Carlo

After a fun day out, we returned to Royal Caribbean International's Liberty of the Seas, floating just outside Villefranche.

cruise from Villefranche

Whilst we docked at Villefranche, there are some cruises ships that dock in Monaco - here's the Ruby Princess (part of the Princess Cruises group).

Ruby Princess in Monaco

2015 Investment Cruise

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