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Did you know? You can take your pet along with you, but should the vehicle need a valet at the end, you will be billed for it.

Europcar South Africa

Europcar South Africa is part of a global network and operategs a fleet peaking at over 18500 vehicles in over 120 locations across Southern Africa - and through the global Europcar network, offers car rental access to around 220,000 across 150 countries.


2015-02-17: Europcar has introduced their DriveClub, which you can join & benefit from 10% off car hire rates, upgrades to weekend car hire in Gauteng, a free upgrade for every 5th car rental; as well as exclusive promotions & competitions. Click here to navigate to a page where you can fill in your details and join the DriveClub.

Join Europcar's Driveclub and get a 10 percent discount

About Europcar

Europcar has established itself as one of South Africa’s leading global car rental companies; one which prides itself on delivering locally relevant, world-class service excellence with a dynamic and fresh attitude. Its payoff line of ‘Moving Your Way’ encompasses the company’s global strategy to be a key player in shaping the future of mobility, together with its commitment to exceptional customer service. The company, owned and managed by the Imperial Group, has operated exclusively as Europcar since 2009 having a rich 33-year history with its roots as Imperial Car Rental. Voted Africa’s Leading Car Hire Company at the 2011 World Travel Awards – for the sixth consecutive year – the company serves around a third of the South African car rental market and has segmented the business to tailor solutions to the business and leisure markets, both inbound and locally.

Loyalty Program Discounts

In the part of the booking process when you've just selected a vehicle, select Pick 'n Pay Smart Shopper from the list of Loyalty Programs, enter your pin code, and wallah, after you've paid you get 5000 PnP Smart Shopper points.

Europcar South Africa News

  • 2014-03-11. If you're running a small business then you're going to want to read this. Yesterday Europcar South Africa came out with the announcement that they're launching a dedicated web reservation tool. The company's credit card only has to be lodged once when applying for the Business Connect service, after which employees can collect their car hire vehicles without the need to produce a credit card. We suspect this will come in handy, as we have a regular stream of queries from employees wanting to make reservations, and the credit card issue arising. When you sign up for Business Connect you automatically get Europcar's Ready Service, which allows you to queue-jump past the hoi polloi to the front and get your car without having to worry about paperwork - just supply your driver's licence. Requirements for small businesses to sign up are a yearly income of R45m, CIPC registration number, a company credit card & less than 200 workers.

  • 2014-02-24. The Sandton Sun Hotel branch of Europcar resumes operations.

  • 2014-02-19.The Europcar branch at the Sandton Sun halts operations, due to renovations that are taking place at the hotel, and all bookings are re-directed to the Sandton Eye branch.

Kia Picanto

Hyundai i20

VW Polo BlueMotion

Toyota Corolla

Nissan Tiida

Chevrolet Cruze

Toyota Hilux Double Cab

Toyota Quantum

BMW 320i

Audi A4

Mercedes C180

Daihatsu Terios

Hyundai Ix35

Toyota Hilux Single Cab

Hyundai H1


Cleaning Vehicles

Europcar uses the eWasha system of water-recycling to clean its vehicles; having installed it at its main vehicle turnaround centres - Cape Town International Airport, George Airport, King Shaka International Airport, O.R. Tambo International Airport and Port Elizabeth Airport. The eWasha system cleans used water in a system of sand, grease & oil filters, and bioreactors (using bacteria instead of chemicals); which can then be reused.


Overall rating is 4.5/5 - based on 2 reviews:

  • 2013-06-11 : Rating 4/5 : I recently got to use the corporate account at Europcar and found it surprisingly worth my while. A short assessment of the company from one of the extremely helpful Europcar agents saw the company signed up in no time. (not that I saw there being a constraints against applying for one to start with - it's that easy). Once signed up I was able to book online using my log on details given. I could book as you normally would online however there are a few neat tricks up their sleaves that allows for me to feel my booking comes first.  The first being that one is able to store travelers details, names, ID, what group of car class they prefer etc. This allows me to book for my boss, Mr Joe Soap without having to enter any of his details as they are already pre loaded. I can add an unlimited amount of people in the travellers details section making it easy to pull up what car was used the last time they hired. The second is that you don't need a credit card when booking, nor do you need one when you are collecting the car. This is great as I found when booking car hire for employees that didn't have credit cards became a real issue. the last really noticeable perk is that there are no lines upon your car collection, you get bumped up right to the kiosk at corporate accounts, collect your keys, and go! Its as easy as that.  Your company is then billed at the end of the month and a debit order can be made or direct payment. Granted this service is slightly pricier than the normal car hire rates out there however, Ive booked online in less than a few seconds, I have not had to use my credit card at any point and collecting my car took me even less time than what the booking did.  While the corporate account may be a more expensive option it definitely is one worth checking out if you are a company that is using car hire for clients, employees or yourself on a regular basis.. Written by

  • 2012-03-06 : Rating 5/5 : We hired a Volkswagen Polo from Europcar O.R. Tambo, and were thrilled when Europcar upgraded us to Chev Aveo. Written by

Europcar reservations counter


Europcar branches at airports in South Africa

Bloemfontein Airport

Tel: 051 433 3511

Cape Town Airport

Tel: 021 935 8700

Durban Airport

Tel: 032 436 9500

East London Airport

Tel: 043 736 2230

George Airport

Tel: 044 876 9017/9174

Johannesburg Lanseria Airport

Tel: 013 750 2871/2

Johannesburg OR Tambo Airport

Tel: 011 548 9000

Kruger Mpumalanga Airport

Tel: 013 750 2871/2

Pietermaritzburg Airport

Tel: 033 386 2077

Polokwane Airport

Tel: 015 288 0097/0308

Port Elizabeth Airport

Tel: 041 581 4214

Richards Bay Airport

Tel: 035 786 0896

Umtata Airport

Tel: 047 536 0632

Windhoek Airport

Tel: 00264 62 540 040/1


Note that these are only the airport branches, for example in Cape Town Europcar has an office in the city centre. For full list of branches in the cities, see Europcar Johannesburg and Europcar Durban.

Travellers may book all Europcar car rentals in South Africa via Europcar South Africa.


Below are all the vehicles available for hire from Europcar's fleet.





Kia Picanto or similar

Manual, 5-door, Radio CD, Hatchback, 4 seats


Kia Picanto or similar

Manual, 5-door, Radio CD, Air conditioning, Hatchback, 4 seats


Hyundai I20 or similar

Manual, 4-door, Radio CD, Hatchback, ABS brakes, Airbags,
Power Steering, Air conditioning, 4 seats


VW Polo BlueMotion or similar

Manual, 4-door, Hatchback, Radio CD, ABS brakes, Airbags, Electric windows,
Power steering, Air conditioning, 4 seats


Toyota Corolla or similar

Manual, 5-door, Sedan, Radio CD, ABS brakes, Power Steering, Air conditioning,
Airbags, 4 seats


Nissan Tiida or similar

Automatic, 5-door, Sedan, Radio CD, ABS brakes, Power Steering, Airbags,
Air conditioning, 4 seats


Chevrolet Cruze or similar

Automatic, 5-door, Sedan, Radio CD, ABS brakes, 4 seats, Power Steering,
Airbags, Electric windows, Air conditioning, 4 seats


BMW 320i or Audi A4

Automatic, 4-door, Sedan, Radio CD, 4 seats, ABS brakes, Power steering,
Airbags, Electric windows, Air conditioning


Mercedes C180 or similar

Automatic, 4-door, Sedan, Radio CD, 4 seats, ABS brakes, Power steering,
Airbags, Electric windows, Air conditioning


Daihatsu Terios 4x2 or similar

Manual, 5-door, 4x2, Radio CD, 4 seats, ABS brakes, Power steering,
Airbags, Electric windows, Air conditioning


Hyundai Ix35 or similar

Manual, 5-door, 5 seats, Radio CD, ABS brakes, Power steering, Airbags,
Electric windows, Air conditioning


Toyota Hilux Single Cab or similar

Manual, 2-door, 2 seats, Radio CD, Air conditioning, Power steering,
Electric windows


Toyota Hilux Double Cab 4x4 or similar

Manual, 4-door, 4 seats, Radio CD, ABS brakes, 4 seats, Power Steering,
Airbags, Air conditioning


Hyundai H1 or similar

Manual, 4-door, 8 seats, Radio CD, ABS brakes, Power Steering, Airbags,
Air conditioning


Toyota Quantum or similar

Manual, 4-door, 10 seats, Radio CD, ABS brakes, Power Steering, Airbags,
Air conditioning

On 2 June 2009 a rebranding event was held at a hangar at Lanseria Airport Johannesburg, in which Imperial Car Rental officially changed to Europcar SA. One of 3 Europcar branded Kulula planes was revealed (Europcar SA has a relationship with Comair).

Europcar personell & Kulula Kulula plane & Europcar car Kulula Europcar SA


What are waivers? Waivers are to do with the potential limitation of claims against the person hiring the car in the event of loss of or damage to the vehicle.

What is the difference between a standard waiver and a super waiver? The renter is responsible for paying an excess amount if the car is damaged, with super waivers the excess is lower than for standard waivers (but the price is higher). In the case of negligence (e.g. accident due to alcohol or drug consumption, allowing an unauthorised person to drive the car, or the car is stolen when it was left unlocked), the renter is liable not just for the excess, but for the full amount of damage (i.e. the waiver is not honoured).

What is personal accident insurance (PAI)? For a fee, you may take out PAI, which provides some cover for occupants of the car in the event of an accident.

After renting, can your friends drive the car? No, unless other drivers have been included on the vehicle hire contract (and additional driver surcharges paid to cover the waivers), just the person who signed the car hire contract is allowed to drive.

Can anybody hire a car? People who have had a driver's lience for more than 2 years and are over 23 years or older (Younger drivers may be charged a surcharge), may rent a vehicle.

Can you pay by bank transfer? No, all customers must pay by credit card to enable the car rental company to hold a deposit to finance any damage or loss to the car. When you return the undamaged car, your credit card is refunded within 3 days. The exception is if you are are travelling on a company account.

How do you decide how many days to charge for? One day is 24 hours. So, if you hire a car at 11 am on Monday and drop it off at 12am on Tuesday, the vehicle rental period is 2 days.

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