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Europcar & Green Office Week

6 Oct 2010

Hats off to Europcar for taking the lead sponsor position in Green Office Week (GOW). GOW challenges corporates in South Africa to adopt more eco-friendly working practices.

To encourage community participation, there's a Europcar Green Office Week Facebook fan page. The page aims to inspire companies and employees to “initiate green-office practices before, during and hopefully after Green Office Week. Corporates across the country will be rewarded for their contributions and the company with the best green ideas will win the first prize of R25 000 in our Greenest Office Search to put their sustainable ideas to action.”

Europcar Johannesburg

I feel a fair amount of guilt operating in the travel industry, as due to the carbon emitted, flying is one of the biggest contributors to global warming (if you want to do one good thing for the environment -don't ever fly!! If you are going to fly, then try fly direct non-stop flights). Well done Europcar for flying your colours and taking this initiative.

Europcar in Johannesburg, South Africa

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