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You want to get on the cheapest flight from Maputo to Johannesburg (South Africa) - to achieve this compare all airline prices. SAA & LAM both fly from Maputo to JNB.

Flight reviews

"I had quite an experience while travelling back from Portugal to South Africa via Mozambique. When we arrived at Mozambique airport in transit we had to hop from a Tap aeroplane to an SAA aeroplane, but first we had to wait at the airport for the plane to arrive. The plane was delayed. It took hours for the plane to come and when it finally did we were as expected all totally exhausted as we stood stranded at Maputo's small airport with nothing to eat or drink. We boarded the plane and I was quite excited that finally I was on my way home. The plane was quite empty so I sat at the window next to the wing, the most comfortable seat on a plane as far I'm concerned. Soon the plane took off, but to my surprise it was flying very low, I was amazed how I could see all the trees, everything down below it was flying so low but it never occurred to me that there was a reason, a problem, as to why the plane was flying so low. Half way to SA we heard the captain's voice.. 'Ladies and gentlemen, we are sorry to announce that we are experiencing technical problems and I'm afraid we have to return to Maputo'. What? What the enke why return if we are half way already? And so we did but by that time I was a total nervous wrreck. We landed safely at the Maputo airport. We stood stranded once again inside the plane for a long time - it felt like eternity. I saw the mechanic going in and out of the plane.
After a while there came in some men all dressed up - what it looked like at the time was space men, and an announcement was made again that the plane had to be sprayed for possible contagious diseases... not again! Why now was my reaction? When are we leaving? Why didn't they do it in the first instance? There's was no reply to all my questions except for a very low voice from one of the passengers that said - 'Just routine'. Finally it took off, but it kept flying very low stil and by that time my nerves were totally finished. I prayed all the way, but the thing is whenever I get very nervous my system reacts very strangely so I started having the most excruciating stomach cramps. I started praying again but this time was a plea..."Please God let me keep it in until we arrive, we almost there"... Whatever! Next thing I ran to the on board loo.. On my way there the air-hostess tried to stop me as we were about to land and we had to buckle up. Soon after that there was a knock and I heard her voice again ~'Ma'am could you hurry up, and return to your seat please, you have to buckle up for landing'. How funny... was my thoughts at the time... How does one hurry up when one is having a runny tummy because of nerves? lol 'Please why don't you people make provisions for emergencies like these inside the toilet too? What about seat belts?' Well guess what? I landed quite safely sitting on the loo without buckling up!  This was my first aeroplane "technical problem" experience in my life and sadly not the last either."

As told by: M. T. T. Nepomuceno



British Airways Comair quit flying fro MPM to JNB on 8 Feb 2014.

South African Airways

Maputo International Airport (MPM) to
Johannesburg OR Tambo Airport (JNB)



Maputo International Airport (MPM) to Johannesburg Lanseria Airport (HLA)


TTA Airlink

Maputo (MPM) to Johannesburg



If flights are too expensive, Greyhound offers a coach bus service from Maputo to Johannesburg. The bus leaves Maputo from Cotur Travel & Tours, Avenida Karl Marx No. 1242 and arrives in either (1) Kerk Street, JHB, (2) Mc Donalds, Rosettenville Corner, Cnr Turf Club And Turf Street or (3) Park City Transit Centre, Johannesburg Station.


  • 8 Feb 2014 : BA quits flying the Maputo to JHB route.

  • 6 May 2013 : British Airways Comair MPM-JNB flights commence.

31 Aug 2012

1time discontinues its Maputo to Johannesburg flights.

17 Jan 2012

BA Comair suspends Maputo to Lanseria flights

1 Sep 2011

British Airways start flying the Maputo to Johannesburg Lanseria Airport route.

31 Aug 2011

1time airline discontinues its Maputo to Johannesburg flights, choosing to rather use the aircraft on the Johannesburg - Cape Town flight route.

12 Aug 2010

At a starting price of R617, 1time airline starts operating flights from Maputo to Johannesburg.

14 Feb 2010

After being formed as a joint venture between SA Airlink and TTA (a Mozambican carrier), TTA Airlink starts operating flights between Maputo and Johannesburg.

Flight path

The map below illustrates the direct flight route from Maputo to Johannesburg O.R. Tambo International Airport.

flight path from Maputo to Johannesburg

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