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Johannesburg skylineFlights from Entebbe to Johannesburg

You want to get on the cheapest flight from Entebbe (Uganda) to Johannesburg. Maximise your chances of booking a cheap flight by:

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Airlines flying from Entebbe to Johannesburg



Entebbe (EBB) to Johannesburg (JNB)

Dubai (DXB)

Ethiopian Airlines

Entebbe (EBB) to Johannesburg (JNB)

Addis Ababa (ADD)

Kenya Airways

Entebbe (EBB) to Johannesburg (JNB)

Nairobi (NBO)

South African Airways (SAA)

Entebbe to (EBB) Johannesburg (JNB)


Flight prices

Date checked
outbound flight
return flight
Ethiopian Airlines
Kenya Airways

9 Jun 2008
28 Jun 2008
5 Jul 2008

no flights




In our one and only survey on this route, Emirates had no flights and Kenya Airways was cheapest charging US $563 for a return flight.

Flight path from Entebbe to Johannesburg

The graphic below shows the shortest flight path from Entebbe to Johannesburg (ignoring winds, restricted flight zones and air traffic). To get on the shortest flight path, leave Entebbe Airport (00°02'33"N 32°26'37"E) on a heading of 188° south and travel 2932km until you arrive at Johannesburg International Airport (26°08'21"S 28°14'46"E) .

Entebbe to Johannesburg flight path

Direct flights from Entebbe to Johannesburg

SAA (South African Airways) is the only airline operating direct flights between Entebbe and Johannesburg:

Number of weekly SAA flights from Entebbe to Johannesburg

1 Mar 2008

7 a week

Feb 2008

5 a week

May 2007

4 a week.


SAA starts flying from Entebbe to Johannesburg, with 3 flights a week.

Each SAA flight leaves Entebbe at 0715am and arrives in Johannesburg at 1000am, in time for catching connecting flights.

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