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Did you know that if you're a Sanlam Reality member you can SAVE up to 25% on Mango flights?

What is Sanlam Reality?

Sanlam Reality is a lifestyle program available to all Sanlam Group members. The program aims to encourage a healthier lifestyle by offering you money back on certain purchases and several other benefits.

How do I become a member?

Any client of the Sanlam Group can become a Reality Member for a small fee. There are various fee options available for Multiply Members with benefits increasing as the fee does.

How to get up to 25% discount

Sanlam Reality members can get up to 25% off selected flights on Mango Airlines. When you're booking at Mango enter your Sanlam Reality number, ID or passport number in the space indicated in the picture below (on the right hand side of the Mango bookings engine, at the bottom).

Mango Airline Booking Engine. Sanlam Reality Login.

Then you carry out a search for your flight and you see all the discounted fares. Depending on which type of membership you've got, you'll get different rewards. Reality Standard members only get up to 15% off on up to 5 return tickets or 10 single tickets. Reality+ and Reality+Gym members can get up to 25% discount on up to 20 single or 10 return tickets.

Mango and Sanlam Reality paired.



Please note that you won't be able to make changes to bookings made using your Sanlam Reality membership at the same cost. You will have to pay an administration fee and lose the discounted ticket. There is a dedicated Reality Travel desk to help you make any changes. Best insure all the details are correct before booking!

How to activate the benefits

You have to activate your Mango benefits on the Sanlam Reality website (

For assistance with booking, phone 086-100-1234, 011-086-6100 or 021-815-4100; or email

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