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Cheap flight survey

25 May 2007 flights
surveyed on 28 April 2007

Welcome back to another week of South African airline news. With the help of the cold facts, this newsletter and the www.SouthAfrica.TO website; we continue our relentless quest to expose the cheapest flights in South Africa.

The Golden Ripoff

The airlines call the flights between Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban "the golden triangle", because of how much money they make on these routes. By making the cheap flights more visible and thereby driving prices down we'd like to change it to the "bronze triangle". This week we turn the magnifying glass to flights from Cape Town to Durban.

Nationwide Airlines takes the honours

1time airline

British Airways

Kulula Airline

Mango Airline









Nationwide airlines completely surprised and pleased us by offering the cheapest flight from Cape Town to Durban on the evening of the 25th May (we looked at flights leaving between 1659 and 2031). Up to now we had written about how Nationwide Airlines was stopping serving meals in economy class, about their excessively-high airline ticket prices, their higher than SAA airline taxes and their dodgy booking system; so we are really happy to balance all that with the good news that, at R484 Nationwide are offering the cheapest flight from Cape Town to Durban on the evening of the 25th May 2007 (CE609 leaving Cape Town at 1725). Well done Nationwide Airlines!

South African Airways offered the cheapest full service flight from Cape Town to Durban, at R607 (SA626 leaving Cape Town at 1930).

New Routes

1time restarts its George route

Friday 27th April was Freedom Day in South Africa, and 1time Airline exercised its freedom to restart its flights from Johannesburg to George. In March 2006 after 6 months of flying the route, 1time Airline had stopped flying from Johannesburg to George, due to lack of capacity. And if one of SouthAfrica.TO's reader's wishes are fulfilled, 1time airline will soon be operating flights from Cape Town to George and flights from Durban to George: "I believe it's just a matter of time before 1Time starts flights from George to Cape Town and Durban, the race is on between them, Kulula and Mango to get onto these routes!! It's got to happen in 2007!!!".

Fancy a trip to Shanghai?

It's now possible to catch a flight from Johannesburg to Shanghai non-stop, with China Eastern Airlines. They've synchronised with 1time airline's relaunch of their George-Johannesburg route, and flew the inaugural flight from Shanghai to Johannesburg also on the Freedom Day public holiday - Friday the 27th April.

Turkish Airlines flys to South Africa

Turkish Airlines has announced that it plans to start flights from Turkey to South Africa from the 15th September 2007. Each week, there will be 3 flights from Istanbul to Johannesburg to Cape Town.

Quote of the week

"Please could some pilot detour a cheap plane to East London. SAA is killing me with fares. I dont even mind sitting with the pigs and chickens at the back for an hour." Vikash commenting on our Mango flights page.

Frequent flyer award goes to...

Judge President of the Labour Court, Raymond Zondo, who made 32 flights between Durban and Johannesburg in 2002, 35 in 2003, 39 in 2004, 50 in 2005, and 16 in 2006, at a cost of R298 034 to South Africa's taxpayers. The average cost of those 140 flights was R2128.81 (clearly Raymond has not discovered www.SouthAfrica.TO or he'd be paying a lot less per flight). Story by Moneyweb.

How BA prevents Richard Branson from upsetting their passengers

British Airways passengers may get upset by seeing Richard BransonIf you're on board a British Airways plane watching the latest 007 Bond movie - Casino Royale - you wont get to see the whole thing!! Reminiscent of Soviet Russian style historians, who airbrushed those who fell out of favour from the history books, British Airways, brushed Richard Branson out from their in-flight screening of Casino Royale. Branson made a guest appearance of about 3 seconds in the movie. A British Airways spokesman confirmed that alterations had been made to Casino Royale: "All films are screened .... we want to ensure they contain no material that might upset our customers."


Welcome home, Bob

Full flights from Jamaica (disappointed Indians, Pakistanis, British & South Africans streaming home?) delayed the return to South Africa of Bob Woolmer's body from Jamaica, with difficulties in coordinating flights so that Woolmer's body did not remain in London for too long. Finally on Thursday (26th April) Bob Woolmer's body started making its way to his home in South Africa.

SAA staff raking in millions

In reply to a written question from the DA's Manie van Wyk, Alec Erwin reported that total performance bonus payments to South African Airways staff increased to R37.6m in the 2005/06 financial year (in return for losing R60m), up from R24.7m in 2003/04 and only R15.4m in 2001/02. That's R62m paid out...for what performance? Wonder how much of that went to SAA's CEO, Khaya Nqgula (and this is but one of his 38 directorships).

Fancy flying for R70?

The future is already here, it's just not evenly spread out. This article has a look at the future of low cost flight in South Africa and how a USA airline is getting it right to charge R70 for an airline ticket and still turn a profit. Click on this link to read about the USA's Skybus Airline (compulsory reading if you work for Kulula, Mango, Nationwide or 1time airline).

Mail & Guardian are fooled

Mail and Guardian are fooled into thinking that there's a new airline price comparison tool for South Africans. See article at Mail & Guardian are fooled, and their "review" of the flight comparison tool.



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