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South Africa to Antartica

A company called White Desert offers adventure trips from South Africa to Antartica in a private jet. White Desert leaves from Cape Town and has a maximum of 10 paying passengers on each trip. The plane is flown so as to view the Emperors Penguin colony on the Ekstroem Shelf Ice. The penguins are completely unafraid of humans, and they set up a small camps near the colony around the time the females return to hatch the eggs. White Desert also offer a trip to the "Wolf's Fang" mountain, where you have the opportunity to sleep in an igloo and explore the mountain - abseils, ski trips, ice climbs & kite-skiing.

The trip is from Cape Town to Antartica. When you arrive at Cape Town International Airport, you are driven to your hotel in Cape Town. A day before departure for Antartica, you are taken through a safety and orientation presentation. On the day of departure, you are driven from your hotel to Cape Town Internaional Airport, from which you depart in White Desert's private jet.

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