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Fly Johannesburg to Pointe Noire

Got some business to attend to in Pointe Noire, Republic of Congo? The good news is that both of South African Airways and Interair South Africa operate flights from Johannesburg to Pointe Noire (PNR). The bad news is that there aren't flights every day, and that those that there are, are pretty expensive:

  • Interair has one flight a week, D6 401, which is scheduled to leave JHB on Mondays at 09h15 and lands in Pointe Noire at 13h40.

  • South African Airways operates flights on Thursdays and Sundays which are scheduled to leave JNB at 10h20 and land in PNR at 13h35. The plane used is an Airbus A319, seating up to 156 passengers.


Be warned that hotels in this part of the world aren't up to the same standards as in South Africa

  • Try the Atlantic Palace Hotel which is really central, has a large pool, and some of the staff speak english (yes, that comes in handy in this French part of the world).

  • If you'd like accommodation on the beach, try the Palm Beach Hotel.


26 Jan 2012. SAA commences JNB - PNR flights. To celebrate the new route to Pointe Noire, Voyager members were offered Double Miles in all revenue fare classes between 26 January and 31 March 2012.

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