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Flights from South Africa to Mozambique

Cheap Flights to Mozambique

Direct flights from South Africa to Mozambique are available from Johannesburg to Maputo, Beira, Nampula, Pemba and Vilanculos, as well as from Durban to Maputo. There are options for 1-stop flights from Cape Town or Durban to Beira and Nampula. To book a cheap flight to Mozambique:

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Visa Requirements
When to Go

Visa Requirements

At the time of writing, South African citizens do not need a visa to enter Mozambique for tourist/visiting purposes, for stays of up to 30 days. For the latest requirements, check the Embassy of Mozambique website or contact them by phoning + 258-21-243-000 or emailing Their physical address in South Africa is at 529 Edmund Street, Arcadia, Pretoria. Or visit the consulate in Johannesburg (131 Oxford Road/ 011-336-1819/21), Cape Town (45 Castle Street, 7th floor/021-462-2944/5), Durban (320 West Street, Room 520, 5th Floor/031-304-0200), or Nelspruit (43 Brown Street/013-752-7396). Note that the offices are closed during public holidays in Mozambique.

Note that South Africans do require a visa to enter Mozambique for business purposes.

South African Consulate in Mozambique

Keep these contact details handy in case you lose your passport, or something happens in Mozambique requiring embassy assistance:

  • Physical address: Avenida Eduardo Mondlane 41, Maputo

  • Email :

  • Phone number : + 258-21-243-000


  • 7 November 2013 : The Foreign & Commonwealth Office "advise against all but essential travel to Sofala Province" in Mozambique, with the exception of Beira : "The situation in Sofala Province remains tense & on 22 October there were reports of armed attacks in the region, including against a vehicle travelling on the EN1 road. Further attacks cannot be ruled out".

Johannesburg to Mozambique

You can fly from Johannesburg to Maputo (JNB-MPM) with British Airways Comair (direct), South African Airways (direct) and LAM (direct).

Fly from Johannesburg to Beira (JNB-BEW) with Airlink (direct) or LAM (via Maputo).

Take a flight from Johannesburg to Nampula (JNB-APL) with LAM (direct) or Airlink (direct).

Fly from Johannesburg to Pemba (JNB-POL) with Airlink.

Fly from Johannesburg to Vilanculos (JNB-VNX) with Airlink.

Cape Town to Mozambique

You can book flights from Cape Town to Maputo (CPT-MPM) with South African Express (direct) and with British Airways/Kulula (via Johannesburg).

You can fly from Cape Town to Beira (CPT-BEW) with SAA/Airlink (via Johannesburg). You can also use Kulula/LAM/South African Airways (via Johannesburg).

Fly from Cape Town to Nampula (CPT-APL) with South African Airways (via Johannesburg) or British Airways/South African Airways (via Johannesburg).

Durban to Mozambique

You can fly from Durban to Maputo (DUR-MPM) with Airlink (direct) or Kulula/LAM (via Johannesburg) or British Airways/LAM (via Johannesburg).

Take a flight from Durban to Beira (DUR-BEW) with SAA/Airlink (via Johannesburg).

Fly from Durban to Nampula (DUR-APL) with SAA/Airlnk (via Johannesburg).


Portuguese is the official language of Mozambique however Swahili, Makhuwa, and Sena are more commonly spoken. English is spoken in tourist areas.


The currency used in Mozambique is the Mozambican Metical, although US Dollars & Rands are accepted in many locations (not at favourable exchange rates).


Places of interest in Mozambique include:

  • One needs to get away from Maputo to experience Mozambique at its finest. This waterside city bears the scars of the decades long civil war in the country and is only slowly rising again. Enjoy its cafés, tree-lined streets, colorful markets, museums, nightlife and old Mediterranean architecture. One of the best things to do in Maputo is take an island hop to Inhaca.

  • Inhambane is the perfect town to unwind with its amiable vibe and close proximity to excellent beaches. It's also a destination for nature lovers—the area is home to over 500 species of birds and 40 species of butterflies. The mangroves and dune forests are particularly chock full of turtles, dolphins, and flamingos.

  • Tofo is legendary as a holiday destination as it offers a vibrant party scene, quality restaurants and hotels, as well as white sands and turquoise water. It's a noted place to dive and surf. Horseback riding and deep sea fishing are also popular activities.

  • Montes Chimanimani offers an opportunity to get away from the beach and see Mozambique's forest ranges along the Zimbabwe border and experience traditional cultures. Hiking and camping are the best ways to really experience the forest which is dense with pine and mahogany trees and medicinal plants.

When to Go

You can expect fair temperatures year-round (between 24°C and 27°C) along the coast, except during the rainy season from December to April. The best time to visit is during the dry season from May to November.

Public holidays in Mozambique

Some travellers want to avoid flying around public holidays because of the sometimes elevate costs, others want to time their holiday to join in the activities.

  • 1 January

  • 3 February (heroes' day)

  • 7 April (women's day)

  • 1 May

  • 25 June (independence day)

  • 7 September (victory day)

  • 25 September (revolution day)

  • 4 October (day of peace & reconciliation)

  • 25 December

Cruise to Mozambique

If you don't want to fly, why not cruise to Mozambique from Durban? There are several MSC cruises on the Sinfonia and MSC Opera to Portuguese Island, Inhambane, Maputo and Barra Lodge.

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