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Johannesburg to Plettenberg Bay

None of the major airlines operate regular flights from Johannesburg to Plettenberg Bay (JNB - PBZ), but Fly Cemair are kicking off the route on the 28th March 2014.

  • On Fridays & Sundays, FlyCemair leaves JNB at 09h00, and arrives in Plett at 11h30. It then departs Plett at 12h00 and arrives in Cape Town at 13h15. It then leaves Cape Town at 14h00 and arrive in Plett at 15h15. It then leaves Plett at 16h00 and arrives in JNB at 18h30.

  • On Saturday it is scheduled to leave OR Tambo at 09h00 and arrive in Plett at 11h30. It then is scheduled to leave Plett at 12h00 and arrive at OR Tambo at 14h30.


Reviews of Plett

"We spent 4 nights in Plett in March last year, as part of our 3 week Garden Route holiday. We went for an awesome walk along Keurbooms, went on a deep sea boat to find whales and seals, went to the cat sanctuary, looked at wildlife in a game reserve......had some lovely meals in Plett, went to a great church there too! We stayed at the Dunes and at the Baroness Lodge. I loved the main beach and the general feel of Plett and would live to return." Tracy Jacobs

"In Plett, we’ve over the years been able to just relax and let our hair down. Not having to worry about a husband, children or the pets. Having the luxury of waking up late, chilling and not having to prepare the next meal. Having the luxury of sharing a glass of red wine, or bottle with my sister. Plett is the place where we can enjoy “Sista Time”. Plett is a place which before my sister moved to the Wilderness 10 years ago, was an unknown Town to both of us. I really seldom get to see my sister, at most once a year, but we always choose Plett as our Destination to spend valuable time together. If you’re a Timeshare Owner like myself, then Plett is also the ideal place, as Beacon Isle and Castleton are both situated in Plett (see photos). This is the Town we always opt to escape to, because not only is it situated in a breathtaking part of South Africa, it is also a Town well situated close to Knysna, Wilderness and George. The road from George Airport to Plett is a very scenic one indeed and therefore, I always opt for the “red eye” flight at 6am to allow me enough time to take a leisurely drive to Plett, stopping along the way to just take in the fresh air and Ocean views. Plett is also situated close enough to Sedgefield to take a drive to the local markets held on weekend, like Wild Oats. Plett, compared to Johannesburg is small, yet has character. The Restaurants in the area are all well worth a visit & when I’m fortunate enough to visit my sister annually, we are sure to hit the “hot spots” like Cornuti, who serves pizzas with unusual toppings. What’s a real winner with me too, is sipping cocktails either outside Beacon Isle, watching the odd Whale or Dolphin pass, dreaming of long forgotten days, or sitting inside at the Bar area, overlooking the beauty of waves breaking on the rocks beneath. Shopping in Plett is also a must, as there are a number of Boutique style clothing shops, where one can find an outfit that is a once-off. Sunsets are memorable and so are the Seagulls, who frequent Beacon Isle and don’t mind sharing your food at the table. They have no problem even waking one up before sunrise with the hope that they’ll be fed. Plett is a place for kicking off your shoes and forgetting about time." Karin Swanepoel

"My recent experience on my trip to Plettenburg Bay was hectic. A pregnant woman on board had her baby delivered in mid air with the aid of the air hostesses - they were excellent. The mother was so stressed that there would be a problem, but the joy and relief on her face when she saw her new born son was unforgettable!
thanks." Michael Taylor

"The beaches are safe and you are able to walk all your city blues away on kilometres of beautiful unspoilt wilderness and various other hikes and walk, especially the Robberg hiking trail. Plett offers excellent Restaurants, some of my favourites being The Lookout Deck for sunny lunches, Emily Moon for a romantic or special dinner, the Fat Fish for the 'catch of the day", cocktails at Beacon Isle and Italian cuisine at Enrico's in Keurbooms! And why should retail therapy be restricted to cities only? Plett has a wide variety of boutiques, interior and Arts & Crafts shops. Plenty of coffee shops to enjoy your favourite Latté, Americano or Cappuccino. Visit The Old House Shop for fresh cakes and pastries, while you feast your eyes on all the exquisite products to decorate your house with and at the same time; spoil yourself with a unique garment to take home. The whale watching trips are worth every cent, embracing a baby elephant is priceless, mingling with wild birds leaves you with a song in your heart and admiring beautiful unspoilt beaches takes your breath away. Now imagine doing all of that within minutes from touching down at Plettenberg Bay airport! Well done to CemAir! We welcome your service!" Rene Stoltz

Raptor sitting on man's glove

view from a room at the Beacon Isle hotel

"I've played drums in many bands in Cape Town. I was once playing drums in a band, a few years ago, which decided to travel through to the Grahamstown festival, to soak up the culture and develop our business approach, using a "hands on" basis. When we arrived at Plettenberg Bay, en route, we popped in at a club nearby and soon found that the vibe was actually a lot hotter than Cape Town's, where I'm from. The people were very responsive to the band performing, which included a drummer using an electronic drum set, and parts which were obviously programed in advance. The result was something that the audience craved, seemingly. It was a brilliant experience in that one of the bars which we we went to, had a one man band performing, and naturally, being a guitarist as well, I wanted to see what I would sound like with a full PA and holistic setup. Ironically, despite my previous success, in being allowed to play at bars, on that night, the guitarist at the particular venue, said that he can't allow me to play because of his contractual obligations...I felt a little odd because I completely understood what he meant, but I was hoping to get a shot at it. I resorted to playing video games at a local play centre, checking out the beautiful scenery and being more social. Even though I always had that gig in the back of my mind... A few years later, I was playing guitar in a band of my own, as lead player. Not many asked me if they could 'jam in' at our events, but when they did, I always felt a certain sense of obligation, to allow anyone to give it a shot. The result was a series of really great gigs, with people jamming guitar once in a while, and showing their talent, straight off the bat, with little to mar their delivery, in front of larger crowds. I didn't really mind. It seemed that the guitarist, whom I've mentioned, didn't either, but our band approached the gigging routine differently to others, and we made sure that we had enough say in such things. Eventually, I wound up playing all over the country and met Barney Simon, and many other luminaries, along the way. Plet has always been a place of deep holiday attraction, since then. Even though I didn't get to play... I had so much fun, just not working, that I'd love to go back as a fully fledged tourist, instead of as a working musician, whom has to navigate the terrain, from a performance point of view." James Reynard.

"I am currently in matric at Randburg high school and cannot wait for the year end exams to finish. Why? All the matrics are already planning for the matric end of year party rave, "Party at the Isle", which is being held in Plettenberg Bay every year. This event has become the highlight of the life of any matriculant. The very best way to celebrate the end of a school career. Myself and three of my friends are booked into the Beacon Isle hotel for this experience, which is going to take place right at the Beacon Isle hotel so we will be in the middle of the action. Should I win this prize it will allow me to have more spending money for the week. I am currently looking for a part time job to raise the funds but it has not been easy to find a job. Even better if I can get two tickets I can give one ticket to my BFF and surprise her with this lovely gift. Dates of the "Party at the Isle" is 29 Nov to 6 Dec 2014." Stephani Botha

"We were on a biking trip for the long weekend, and were based in Wilderness. We took day trips to different places, one of these day trips was to Plett. Coming into Plett, on the motorcycle, was an experience and a half! The view was breathtaking! Unfortunately, we only had limited time there, so the only places we got to visit was Monkey Land and Birds of Eden. Both places are so big, and because we didn't have so much time, couldn't linger at spots, especially in Birds of Eden. I would've LOVED to see more of Plett. We didn't even have time to drive through the town. :( I would love to stay there for a few days, exploring and sight seeing! And, of course, visit Birds of Eden and Monkey Land again, this time spending more time there to see all the wonderful animals!" Antoinette Burger

"My grandson and I flew down to Plettenbergbay to visit my cousin for a week and then my husband joined us a week later, to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary there. It was my grandson's first real beach holiday...he had so much fun...we spent time on the beach, visited Monkeyland, Jukani and the Knysna Elephant Sanctuary...he keeps on asking when are we going again....we called the holiday "Heeltyd Speeltyd 2014" it must have been the greatest fun that we have had in 30 years of being married. Apart from it being great to spend time with family - the weather was great and Plett is definitely a JEWELL that has crept into our hearts...I doubt whether we will ever go anywhere else for a holiday again." Anndor Steenberg.

"My girlfriend & I have adventurous personalities and would like to face the highest and scariest bungy jump. I intend on proposing to my girlfriend soon-this might be the perfect opportunity." Rico Meyer

"My kids love the beach, Beacon Isle and all the amazing animals that you can see on the Garden Route. The Beauty of Plett is breath taking absolutely spectacular. Any troubles or worries are taken away by the calmness of the sea. We love to sit on the beach and get ice creams and watch the waves...." Pharyn Davies

"My name is Thabang Mdlalose I have never been to Plettenberg bay but from what I have heard it’s a nice place to visit as its an absolutely fabulous experience where you feel at one with nature. I also hear that Plettenberg bay has a nice sight seeing for Animal Park of big cats, Adventure Land - Water Slides and Play Park, St Peters Anglican Church, Van Plettenberg Beacon, Robberg nature reserve and lovely exclusive hotels. I personally find all the items mentioned very attractive and exciting."

"I havent been yet to Plettenberg bay but it is definitely one of my travel destination, i would like to visit the beaches which are said to boast some of the most beautiful beaches in South Africa. To be next to the Indian Ocean, to find beachgoers of all ages soaking up the sun and enjoying the many outdoor activities; to be in the sand and sun, waves which are said to be some of the best waves in South Africa. And above all to enjoy the seafood which should be so fresh and healthy and to take in ocean safaris. Just to take fresh air from the ocean and get away from the big city." Maloba Ngiesu

"My son suggested we go to Plett. I thought omg its going to be so boring but was totally amazed. It turned out to be the best family holiday ever - even our overseas trips aren't as dear as the memories we have of Plett. From boat rides to watching the birds and the most amazing sunset cruise. The resort we stayed at had the most amazing staff and daily there were activities for the family in groups. It was the best bonding experience ever. We have so much beauty to appreciate in SA." Naseera Seedat

"I have never been to Plett and I turn a gruesome green whenever I hear of the adventures my friends go on there. Although it seemed to be the most popular location for Matric Rage back in the day, the gem for me lies in the Plett Food Film Festival that takes place over 3 days." (Ed: The Plett Food Film Festival forms part of the Plett MAD Festival). Kristy-Jade Blanckenberg


FlyCemair from Johannesburg to Plettenberg Bay from R1799* 1-way


Fly Cemair Research

On the 30th January 2014, Fly Cemair sent out an email asking recipients to take part in an online survey about whether they'd like a scheduled flight service from OR Tambo to Plett. In the survey they ask participants what day of the week they'd like to fly, what time, what would they be willing to pay.

SA Airlink's Plans have died down

In 2007 it was reported that SA Airlink was preparing for its inaugural flight from Johannesburg to Plettenberg Bay in September 2007. Bitou municipal manager George Seitisho said on the 3rd July: “We hope, weather permitting, to be up and running by the end of September. We will be considered as an alternative regional airport, assisting when there are landing problems in George or Port Elizabeth. Tourists don‘t want to have to drive for an hour after landing in George before they get to their destination.” The municipality would need to clear alien vegetation from the airport, build a security fence and extend the runway by 100m. SA Airlink would operate a direct route between Plettenberg Bay and Johannesburg, and later on flights between Cape Town and Plettenberg Bay were in the plans. "Current upgrading is being done by the municipality on its own but we are still working on a public private partnership for the running and maintenance of the Plettenberg Bay aerodrome." says Seitisho

Accommodation in Plettenberg Bay

Here are some options for accommodation in Plettenberg Bay:

Plettenberg Bay Airport

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