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The only real South African Airways flights to Port Elizabeth are on the Johannesburg - PE route, but there are numerous options on other flight routes by its codeshare partners (Airlink, Mango & SA Express), all of which can be booked on their website:

South African Airways Flights to Port Elizabeth are rated 5/5 based on 3 reviews.

The Case of the missing Shoe

26 January 2014 : Rating 5/5 : When I was a lot younger my dad used to travel a lot for work. One day he was on an SAA flight from Johannesburg to Port Elizabeth and coincidently the EP cricket team was on the same flight home. They were apparently in very good spirits after a successful tour and in the midst of their shenanigans they decided to steal my poor sleeping dad's shoe. On awakening, just before landing, he realised he was missing a shoe. He alerted an air hostess to this, who kindly asked the pilot to announce about the missing shoe. This was however not successful. On landing he had to walk off the plane, one shoe less than when he embarked on his trip. He walked into the arrivals area where the carousels are and I saw through the glass my shoeless dad. Now being only about 2 years old at the time, I found this immediately distressing that my dad had lost his shoe and promptly burst into tears. Bags, Cricket gear and other luggage were arriving on the carousel but no sign of the lone shoe! Eventually after all luggage and other belongings were collected, it seemed that the shoe was never to be found again but alas a few minutes later my poor dad's lone shoe appeared. With the appearance of the shoe, the remaining cricket players in the vicinity all started clapping. Later, the pilot actually said to my dad, in all his years, he had never seen a person walk off his plane missing one shoe.

First Flight is with SAA to PE

28 November 2013 : Rating 5/5 : I was in Std 4 as it was called at that time, now Grade 6. I was 10 years old. We were 5 members in our family. My sister was in Std 6 and my brother Std 4. Only my dad worked as my Mom was a housewife. So this was a huge thing for us as a family. The year was 1981. Times were different then. It was a privilege as a "Coloured" to be flying. We were quite excited as kids, as some of our school friends could not even go into Cape Town CBD due to finance. It took sacrificing as kids to plan for this trip. The reason? We did not get pocket money. So we saved our 2c, 5c, 10c and 20c. R1 was a lot to get at that time. Chips were 8c and bread was 15c. Wow, the good old days. So the day arrived and we were off to the airport. We had a flight to PE. All the different emotions when we arrived at the airport. Nervous and excited. Back in the day they did not have tablets for motion sickness or even informed you that you should have chewing gum when the plane lifts up into the airport. I don’t think you can explain the facial expression one has as a child. The glow in one's face and the smile from ear to ear. It’s the first time, you will only understand if you have eperienced it. Travelling was always an adventure for us as kids. But flying, wow! So up we go and it is breakfast time. It's 32 years ago that I took my first flight. So the breakfast that we had is a little vague. I recall we had eggs and toast and those cute small jams. We never saw that in our life. But I am sure hotels had it. The amazing part for me was that it only took 2 hours to arrive at our destination. The reason I mention that is that we always travelled by car to our holiday destinations. We ate very slowly so that it didn’t not have to finish. And we were not allowed to mess cause we had to be presentable when we arrived at the airport. So we drank our tea very carefully. It was a beautiful experience overlooking the clouds and imagining you just staying in 1 area. Then looking at the hostesses bringing our food and not tumbling to the left or right while we were in the air. Because of the excitement we did not finish our breakfast. When we arrive, we slowly departed the plane looking around in amazement. What an experience. The advantage of travelling as a child is that you don’t have the fear of heights or what if the plane crashes. Then we had to get our luggage. And the bags our going round and round in circles. Yes we went to the airport as kids but it was other friends' luggage. Now it was our luggage! It was an amazing experience.

SAA not Cheapest but is Quality

20 November 2013 : Rating 5/5 : Having recently (16/11/2013) returned from a weeks holiday in Port Elizabeth after just going through a messy divorce and just needing a breathe of fresh air, I could not think of a better place to travel to but Port Elizabeth as it is a clean and beautiful city. I landed from Durban on 10/11/2013 and stayed at the Boardwalk Casino and Entertainment World and spent one week in pure luxury, apart from my stay, my flights up and down were first class too and I have come back feeling like I have a new lease on life. If I am to win these two tickets I will most certainly take a break again in the next 2 – 3 months and winning the tickets will just be the absolute cherry on the cake as you know the flights are not the cheapest but off course SAA is quality and quality comes first in my eyes so let us see if YOU can get me back to that breathe of fresh air.

News about SAA Flights to PE

  • 6 August 2013 : There was a false warning given that flight SA417 from Johannesburg to Port Elizabeth had been hijacked. The plane took off from JNB at 13h05 and landed in PLZ at 14h30. This happened at more or less the same time as Bill Clinton arrived in Port Elizabeth.

SAA plane being boarded at Cape Town International Airport

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