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News24 busted using my photo

news24 site busy30 Apr 2008. News24 are an on the ball reputable organisation, and hardly a day goes by that I don't surf by their website. Given this happy background, I first tried to resolve this matter using the traditional South African technique of "quiet diplomacy" - and no diplomacy comes quieter than an email message. Unfortuanately and repeatedly I ran into the obstacle of their mailservers being too busy for me.

The photo issue

I was completely taken by surprise today when I spotted a news24 article which included a photo I'd taken. I don't have an issue with others using my photographs, but I do have an issue if they do so without giving proper credit. Other organisations have asked whether they can use my photos and I have granted permission (all I want is to be given credit in the form of a link). However, this is not the path news24 followed - they did not ask permission and did not give credit (and were also not contactable to resolve the matter).

news24 article with photo in it

Here's an article where you can see the large version of this photo they've used. News24, if you're reading this, drop me an email at - you're welcome to use the photo but please give credit in the form of a link to

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