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7 Dec 2007. Somebody once said that a week is a long time in politics, well it can be just as long in the airline industry. Last Friday morning we awoke to the news that Nationwide airline had been grounded . Unfortuanatley South Africa's Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA) did not shower itself in glory in terms of its communication effort, and we were left with a lot of questions about the grounding. Then in the midst of all the drama, the SACAA's CEO, Zakes Myeza, resigned (talk about leaving in the middle of your own party). Happily, this all seems to be running to a good ending with Nationwide set to operate a flight from Johannesburg to London tonight, and several local South African flights on the weekend.

Nationwide represents a vital component of the flight price competition in South Africa (just look at our past surveys and you'll see how often they are the cheapest), and we are therefore very pleased for them, their staff, their customers and the country in general that they are back :) Well done Vernon, we hope that Nationwide goes from strength to strength. As a sign of good faith we will include Nationwide in our flight survey again this weekend (and we hope you top it, as you often do).

The big winner out of the story - Safair (owned by Imperial Holdings Limited), which has won the contract to do the heavy maintenance for Nationwide Airline.

Nationwide plane

Nationwide press releases


06 December 2007 - 18:10

Nationwide Airlines will resume its long-haul flights between Johannesburg and London-Gatwick tomorrow night and limited domestic flights on Sunday.

This follows the SA Civil Aviation Authority this afternoon giving Nationwide Airlines’ Boeing 767 aircraft a clean bill of health and reinstating its Certificate of Airworthiness.

“I cannot apologise enough to our customers for the inconvenience, frustration and anxiety they have experienced as a result of the disruption to our normal service. But with the return of our aircraft to service over the next few days we will be able to bring them some comfort and relief,” explained Nationwide Airlines’ Chief Executive Officer, Vernon Bricknell.

“The safety of our customers, staff and equipment is – and always has been – Nationwide Airlines’ top priority. At the end of this process, which will still take a few days to complete, we will have demonstrated our compliance to the SA CAA, so that there can be no question-mark at all in travellers’ minds as to the safety, reliability and integrity of Nationwide Airlines,” he added.

Nationwide Airlines flight CE102 will depart from Johannesburg’s O.R. Tambo International Airport at 21.05 tomorrow (Friday) night and is scheduled to land at London-Gatwick early on Saturday morning.

The aircraft will depart London-Gatwick on Saturday evening operating as flight CE101. It is scheduled to land back at O.R. Tambo International on Sunday morning.


Nationwide Airlines will recommence its Johannesburg-Cape Town flights this Sunday. This will be an interim limited service operated by the Boeing 767, but services will gradually return to normal with the release into service of the airline’s other aircraft – Boeing 737-200s, 737-500s and 727s – in accordance with SACAA approval.

This afternoon, Nationwide Airlines began contacting customers who hold tickets for Nationwide Airlines Johannesburg-London flights, they are now being notified of the new flight schedule, as are those who are booked on flights between Johannesburg and Cape Town this weekend and over the coming days.

Further information was available from Nationwide Airlines call centre tel: 0861 737 737, ticketing offices and on www dot flynationwide dot co dot za 


05 December 2007


The SA Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA) and Nationwide Airlines today concluded a Framework of Compliance which outlines the process to be followed in ensuring that there is compliance with the requisite regulations and to ensure adherence to the applicable regulatory framework.

Through this framework, the Commissioner has approved, in principle, Nationwide Airline’s contracting out the heavy maintenance of its aircraft fleet to Safair, the independent aircraft maintenance and engineering company based at Johannesburg’s O.R. Tambo International Airport. Safair is a SACAA approved AMO.

The SACAA is committed to a collaborative and constructive approach to safety compliance. We have no doubt that the audit findings related to Nationwide Airlines can be satisfactorily addressed.

According to Mr Vernon Bricknell, CEO of Nationwide Airlines - “Nationwide cannot apologise enough to their customers who have been inconvenienced through this disruption, but with this new, joint approach, they are hopeful that they will very soon get their aircraft back in the skies so that people can fly again”.

SACAA has also given special permission to Nationwide to move their aircraft, which are currently in different places in the country e.g. Cape Town, Durban, etc., to Safair for maintenance purposes. These aircraft will be flown without any passengers but only with essential flight crew.

SACAA and Nationwide are committed to working together for purposes of ensuring that the highest standards of aviation safety, security and compliance with the applicable regulatory framework are, at all times, maintained. All parties are committed to ensuring aviation safety as this is non-negotiable.

Issued jointly by the South African Civil Aviation Authority and Nationwide Airlines

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