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Phone numbers for your little black book:
· Kulula Flights : 0861 585 852
· Kulula King Shaka : 032 436 7018

Unfortunately there is no direct contact number for Kulula Lanseria.

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Kulula Lanseria to Durban

Kulula flights from Lanseria to Durban are Rated 5/5 from 2 reviews

There are multiple daily MN flights from Lanseria to Durban (HLA-DUR). Use the flight price comparison tool on the left to identify & book a cheap flight.

Flights to DUR are to King Shaka International Airport, and flights from HLA are from Lanseria International Airport.

Flight Reviews

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Made it for the birth of my Grandchild

2014-02-05 Rating 5/5 : My daughter was pregnant with my first grandchild. She lives in Durban. She was hoping for a natural birth and I had promised to be there in Durban when it happened. Four weeks before her due date she called me at 10.30am to say there was a problem with her blood pressure and she was going to have a C. section at 3-00pm. Well , I had made a promise so I got onto my PC and straight through to Within 5 minutes I had a flight booked and my boarding pass on my mobile. I threw some things in my case, nothing matched but I didn’t care. Into my car and through to Lanseria for the 13.00 flight. No delays and smooth passage. It was only when I actually sat in my seat on the plane that I realised how easy the process was. I was so thankful everything came together, so many things could have gone array. I arrived in Durban and was at the hospital at 2.45pm. Well done Kulula, I made it to the birth of my beautiful granddaughter. We only use Kulula now when we visit each other because of it. Lorraine Boyd

Flying with a child

2013-10-09 Rating 5/5: My name is (Mrs) Safiyya Kader & since 2012; I have travelled quite frequently between Jhb / Dbn. On 1 of my visits; my youngest son (10 years) insisted on accompanying me to Durban. Eventually I agreed. He was ecstatic as this was going to be his very first trip on an aeroplane. He was thrilled & couldn't stop talking about his experience. Our flight was from Lanseria to Dbn & he made me take pics of him to 'show it off' to his friends. Kind Regards, Safiyya Kader

child boarding a Kulula flight from Lanseria Airport

Flight schedule

Kulula flights from Lanseria to Durban are scheduled to take 1 hour and 10 minutes to cover the 514km. Here's the flight numbers and expected departure times from Lanseria Airport:

  • Monday to Thursdays: MN501 (06h15), MN505 (11h20), MN515 (13h50), MN595 (14h40) & MN503 (18h25).

  • Fridays: MN501 (06h15), MN505 (11h20), MN515 (13h50), MN595 (14h40), MN503 (18h25) & MN517 (21h25).

  • Saturdays: MN511 (10h20), MN531 (12h50), MN595 (14h40) & MN513 (17h25).

  • Sunday: MN511 (10h20), MN531 (12h50), MN595 (14h40), MN513 (17h25), MN539 (20h10) & MN541 (21h30).

Kulula Lanseria Airport


  • Kulula started flying from Lanseria to Durban on the 29th October 2007, and increased its frequency to twice-daily (excluding Saturdays) on the 28th October 2008.

There are no Mango flights from Lanseria to Durban (although Mango does fly from Lanseria to Cape Town).

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