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Kulula's First 2009 Sale

Kulula are a fine airline and I have a lot of admiration for Comair (their holding company) - I was very impressed with the service Kulula provided when I flew from Cape Town to Johannesburg on the 24th December last year, and I love what they're doing with the Kulula credit card. I also thought they stood up well in our Kulula-1time comparison. However, I'm not fond of them excluding airport taxes - they don't do themselves any favours by making it unecessarily complex for consumers.

(Ed: To Kulula's credit, they have subsequently started quoting airline prices on an all-in basis)

Kulula's first 2009 sale

Kulula vs 1time

Since a 1time sale was also being run this week, I've decided to compare the Kulula special against the 1time special. I've added airport taxes to Kulula's prices to make the comparison fair (airport taxes are in the process of changing, so I've just added the maximum airport taxes in - you might be able to get a few rands cheaper if you fly before 1 Apr).




Johannesburg to Cape Town

R376 (from Lanseria)
R391 (from O.R. Tambo)

R389 (from O.R. Tambo)

Cape Town to Johannesburg



Johannesburg to George

R376 (from Lanseria)
R391 (from O.R. Tambo)

R389 (from O.R. Tambo)

George to Johannesburg



Johannesburg to Durban

R266 (from Lanseria)
R281 (from O.R. Tambo)

R279 (from O.R. Tambo)

Durban to Johannesburg



Cape Town to Durban



Durban to Cape Town



Obviously these specials are limited, subject to availability and not at all available during peak periods (in particular, since the 1time special was announced as far back as Sunday I wouldn't be surprised if these have run out). You can book your flights at 1time & Kulula Air, and remember to use the flight price comparison engine to compare prices.

Kulula plane

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