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Civair tries again

Civair is a helicopter and aeroplane charter company based at Cape Town International Airport , and offering flight to "anywhere in South Africa".

Civair's Cape Town-London flight fiasco

In March 2004 Civair tried to start a long-haul flight between Cape Town and London, Stansted; even going as far as selling 7400 tickets in December 2004 and leaving these passengers in the lurch when it transpired that they did not have an aeroplane to fly them (the passengers received a partial refund).

Civair to resurrect its Cape Town-London dream?

Now (June 2007), Civair are trying again to resurrect their dreams of offering cheap flights between London (Stansted) and Cape Town. The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) in South Africa reported that Civair has applied to renew its scheduled passenger and freight licences to service flights between Cape Town and England. Once Civair has the approval of the CAA and it has satisfied the requirements of the UK Department for Transport, it will be able to negotiate time slots a UK airport - this process can take 9 months, so Civair is only likely to be offering flights between South Africa and the UK in 2008. Speculation is that Civair will negotiate a slot with London's Stansted or Luton airports.

Civair's aeroplane fleet

Civair's aeroplane fleet includes a KingAir 200 (capable of carrying 10) and a Beechcraft Baron 55 (capable of carrying 5).

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