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1time aborted takeoff

31 Oct 2010

On Sunday the 31st October 2010, 1time airline flight 1T-119 aborted its take-off at Johannesburg's OR Tambo International Airport, after an engine failure. The 1time Cape Town bound plane, a McDonnell Douglas MD-82, was on its take-off roll on runway 03R, when the left hand engine emitted a loud bang. The captain slowed the aircraft safely, vacated the runway and taxied towards the terminal when the tower advised that the port engine engine had released a lot of smoke. The captain parked the aircraft off the apron. Then an emergency evacuation was carried out, with 5 of the 128 passengers being placed under observation (there were no serious injuries, but a passenger claimed to have broken an arm during evacuation), whilst emergency services foamed the engine. Runway 03L was closed temporarily.

1time plane's engine being foamed after aborted take-off

Photo credit: farrylpurkiss

1Time CEO Rodney James said that "During the take-off roll, the left-hand engine lost power and the captain successfully aborted the take-off without incident. The fire department was deployed, and on arrival at the aircraft reported smoke coming from the left-hand engine. The fire fighters told the captain that he has an engine fire but actually there wasn’t an engine fire. We think that the engine was damaged by foreign objects, something going into the front of the engine, which caused an engine failure. When you have an engine failure like that, more often than not you have smoke coming out of the exhaust. There was no external fire, but there was smoke coming out of the engine exhaust due to the engine failure."

1time called a replacement aircraft in to fly the passengers to their destination.

foamy 1time aircraft after aborted takeoff

Photo credit : @ProVerbMusic (Proverb Thekisho, the SA Idols MC, was one of the passengers on board and took this photo. In his words: "Absolute Drama & Panic! The engine of the plane I was on, apparently Exploded!!! We just evacuated!")

ACSA Media release

31 October 2010

1Time airline aborted Take-off

At 9:55 this morning, 31 October 2010, a 1Time Airline Flight 119 destined for Cape Town with 128 passengers aborted take-off due to an engine failure. The pilot left the runway and stopped the aircraft at one of the airports’ aprons. Airports Company south Africa (ACSA) fire fighters were already on scene and responded to an engine fire on the left side of the aircraft.

“Passengers were evacuated via the Emergency chutes. In the process of evacuation, eleven passengers were injured and referred to at the O.R Tambo International Airport’s Clinic of which six people were transferred to the ARWYP Hospital in Kempton Park,” said Bongani Maseko, ACSA’s Airports Operations Director.

Immediately after the incident, the runway was closed and a full inspection of the entire runway was conducted. Fire, Rescue and safety officials, cleared and collected all debris that came off the affected airline’s engine. This was followed by a secondary inspection where the runway was declared safe for normal operations.

“ACSA conducts runway inspections three times a day O.R. Tambo International Airport.  The last inspection conducted at the airport was at 6 o clock this morning. Prior to the departure of the affected aircraft, Forty-one (41) aircraft departed from O.R. International using the same runway,” added Maseko.

Maseko concluded that in an emergency of this nature, ACSA is required to provide a holding facility and this was done within minutes of passengers disembarking the aircraft.

Passengers have also been updated via the Flight Information Display Systems at Cape Town International Airport.


For further information

Please contact the 1Time Airline Call centre on 011 086 8012


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O.R. Tambo International Airport

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