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Geography of the Northern Cape

The Northern Cape province covers the largest land area of all the provinces of South Africa (although it has the smallest population); and is filled with rocky outcrops and huge arid plains.

The Northern Cape's northern boundary is the powerful Orange river (which provides the basis for an extensive agricultural industry). The Orange river is at its most impressive at the Augrabies falls (which falls within the Augrabies Falls National Park). The cold atlantic oceans sweeps the western boundary of the Northern Cape.

The largest part of the province falls within the Nama-Karoo biome with a vegetation of low shrubland, grass and trees limited to water courses.

The area is known worldwide for its spectacular display of spring flowers. Springbok lies in the heart of the Namaqualand spring-flower country. This biome is home to many unique plant species, such as the elephant's foot (halfmens), tree aloe (kokerboom) and a variety of succulents.

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