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Direct flight path from Johannesburg to Orlando
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Johannesburg to Orlando

Let me want to see Disney World in Florida? To make sure you have enough dollars left over to spend at Disney World, make sure you get on a cheap Johannesburg to Orlando (Florida) flight by comparing prices of all airlines flying the route.

There are unfortunately no direct flights on the route, so do pay attention to flight durations (it's not everybody's idea of fun to be parking off at an airport en-route).

Lufthansa was cheapest the last time we looked at airfares on this route.

Flight Reviews

The opinions expressed in these Orlando flight reviews are not necessarily shared by South Africa Travel Online.

26 hours of flight to Orlando

When I was younger my family decided to spoil me and my sister and take us on a tour to Disney World... You can imagine my excitement on hearing that. The day FINALLY arrived and we set out on the adventure of our lives.
We flew with Alitalia airlines and the flight was long and tiring but being my first time on a plane I was captivated. I had always imagined that when you were on a plane you could open the windows and catch the clouds... Boy was I disappointed! I clearly remember being whisked away by one of the friendly air hostesses and shown around the plane... I even got to see the cockpit and how things work there...They had enough entertainment to keep us busy for the long journey. We enjoyed delightful meals and one of thee best chocolate cakes I've ever tasted... They had games and activities books for my sister and I and to say the least we weren't bored for even a minute. After 26 hours we eventually arrived at our destination. We had to take a small bus ride from the plane to the airport itself and that was quite a unique experience... Everyone standing, squashed next to each other, holding on as tight as possible and yet so happy to be there. We received our luggage and were headed for the hotel when we realised one of our bags (filled with food of course) had gone missing. Somewhere along the stop-overs it must have been misplaced. After settling in it was time to head for the theme parks and Wow! Seeing the theme parks for the first time... Words simply cannot explain the excitement and joy that a kid feels. Its undescribable. We really did a lot of touring and boy did that tire me out I remember even falling off to sleep on a boat ride once. My family joked to say every day at the same time I would enter "energy saving mode" and that they waited any second for me to fall over into a deep sleep. Sadly this was true!
We spent 2 weeks touring Orlando and Florida... I got to meet all my favourite Disney characters and see how things really were... We took many pictures and videos and brought home many fun-filled memories. During the stay we were happy to be reunited with our food bag... The airline really went out of their way to help us out. After a wonderful time it was sadly time to head back home... Much to my disappointment. We embarked on our long journey back, however, this time it took us just 18 hours. It was a sad plane trip back home but eventually when we reached home soil it felt so so good to be home :) This was definitly my best memory of a family holiday and one of my only overseas trips. I wouldn't mind re-visiting those places again so that I could re-live those priceless memories :)

Written by Nazmeerah Nanabhay

Orlando, "my favourite destination"

"My favourite travel destination would have to be Orlando Florida Disney World.  It was an experience I will never forget, my emotions bordered on sheer excitement and beyond. They say dreaming is easy however translating those dreams into realities  is not, this is where I object as my dream was relived as a wonderful reality. The measurable outcome was the beauty of different cultures, good cuisine, the roller coaster of the rides, the smiles on faces of both adults and children alike.  Sometimes as adults one experiences an emptiness, if I could say an empty hole that requires a kind of sealing, being in Disney World sealed that for me.  The child in me was awoken to endless possibilities, the mind blowing experience I will carry with me until the end.   My energy was  in harmony with conscious thoughts, my spirits were elevated. I did not in anyway repress my feelings, my son my sister and myself with in utter awe, we did not mind standing in the queues for 2 hours or longer.  I have always enjoyed a deep bond with my son, since the passing of my husband his Dad, we needed a break from everyone and everything a ‘diversion’ if you may call it that. My sister whom we live with made this a possibility and because of this we have enjoyed a more deeper bond and able to share all these memories of the characters, the 3D experiences, photo taking, the list is endless."

by Therloshnie


We did a snapshot survey of airlines flying from Johannesburg to Orlando, and Lufthansa was cheapest.



Johannesburg to Orlando, Florida (MCO)

1 Stop (29 hours)
Frankfurt (FRA)

Virgin Atlantic Airways

Johannesburg to Orlando, Florida (MCO)

1 Stop (26 hours)
London (LHR, LGW)

British Airways

Johannesburg to Orlando, Florida (MCO)

1 Stop (26 hours)
London (LHR, LGW)


Johannesburg to Orlando, Florida (MCO)

1 Stop (22 hours)

Air France

Johannesburg to Orlando, Florida

Paris De Gaulle (CDG)


Johannesburg to Orlando, Florida

Dubai (DXB)
New York JFK

Iberia suspended Johannesburg flights from 1 May 2012

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

Johannesburg to Orlando, Florida (MCO)

Amsterdam (Schipol)

South African Airways

Johannesburg to Orlando, Florida (MCO)

Washington (Dulles)
New York (JFK)

United Airlines

Johannesburg to Orlando, Florida (MCO)

Washington (Dulles)


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