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White Water Rafting in South Africa

In the year 2007 we as a family decided to take on a boat trip [ha ha ha]. This is the only boat trip we ever experienced, big or small. We took on the Ash River close to Clarens in the OFS. The water was freezing cold in April, but we still stood as one to take on nature.

Looking at our boat captain, we were out for fun and games, but still WORRIED.

white water rafting photo - in the boat on land

Looking at the picture, it is clear that the engine fell off and we were the driving force of the boat, but not always firing on all cylinders.

going down a rapid - white water rafting

From time to time some of the parts of the engine overheated and needed to be cooled down for taking in some fresh air. See cylinder 1 in front needed more air!

gasping for air whilst white water rafting

At some stages we did not know whether it was Monday, Tuesday, Mother’s day or washing day, looking at the ups and downs, but still going strong. Just praying for a rest time to ensure the engine really does not overheat and so it came to our recue to fill-up with some energy material.…only to complete the course, not knowing what was waiting for us!
Going down…… And never realised that you went up, only to find out we going down again. But with the last obstacle in sight, with no time to pray for power to take us through, we made it even with no light in the tunnel. We surely had a ride of our lives. We can talk for hours about this experience.

white water rafting with the boat completely covered in foam

Surely the best ride so far for us, but we as a family would like to experience a ride on a bigger boat, with less – far less ups and downs……at least knowing which day it is while enjoying the ride!

The Share family.


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