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Do you hate standing in queues and want to make it through the the check in process at the harbour quicker, so that you've got more time to spend on the ship? Easy Onboard may be the solution for you. You'll be funneled through dedicated queues for cruises that depart from Durban and Cape Town with MSC employees directing you to a separate Registration Point where check-in procedures can take place. NB: Easy Onboard does not expedite your disembarkation process.

There is a bit of confusion caused by the fact that this feature has changed name over the years - the terms "fast track" (used up to September 2010) and "priority boarding" (used up to 2016) are no more; and it's now called "Easy Onboard".

How to Buy an Easy Onboard Voucher

"Easy Onboard" vouchers must be pre-booked through your travel agent (or MSC if you're booking directly with them); at least a week prior to the day that you your embark on your cruise - the vouchers cannot be purchased at the port. Note that there are a limited number of vouchers - if everybody bought an Easy Onboard voucher, it would no longer be easy - available on a first come first served basis (you snooze you lose). The cost of a voucher is R125 per person at the moment (March 2017). However, if you're travelling with children you may be in for some luck - an exception is that if you are sharing your cabin with your kids,and they are the third and fourth passengers, then there'll only be a charge of R250 for the cabin.


    • Once you have proceeded through the normal check-in and have presented your on-board luggage for loading – you will proceed to an embarkation channel inside the terminal sterile area reserved exclusively for Easy Onboard voucher holders.

    • A separate Immigration channel is reserved for EASY ONBOARD (previously known as FAST TRACK) Passengers, expediting the process through immigration and on to the ship.

    • On sailings where immigration procedures are not required to be completed – the exclusive embarkation channel will still provide for quicker embarkation for Easy Onboard voucher holders through the Easy Onboard channel.

    • Once you get onto the ship MSC crew members will show you to a special spot to get your cruise card issued.

A Blast from the Past

Here's some photos and video made by one of our readers many years ago - NB to note that things have changed since then and this will not be your experience - Durban harbour is much improved and it's no longer called "priority boarding". Info retained for historical reference points only. Please send us updated video from your cruise so we can also show that.

priority boarding sign for MSC Starlight Cruises

Here's a video of us jumping past the queues...made me feel quite good :)

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A view of the MSC Sinfonia's waterpark

2015 Investment Cruise

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