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Phone Bloemfontein Airport : 051 407 2200
Phone Cape Town Airport : 021 937 1200

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Bloemfontein to Cape Town flight path

Cheap Flights from Bloemfontein to Cape Town

Mango flights from Bloemfontein to Cape Town are usually cheaper than SA Express (the only other airline flying the route) - usually, but not always! Mango flies Boeing 737-800s on the route, whilst SA Express flies Bombardier Q400 (DH4s). The Q400s are smaller turboprop planes which seat 76 passengers, compared to the larger B737-800 jets which seat 186 passengers.

We recommend arriving at Braam Fischer airport at least 2 hours before your flight, to avoid the stress of possibly getting stuck in traffic or some other mishap along the way.

(if you are travelling in the opposite direction, see our Cape Town to Bloemfontein flights page)

News & History

  • Mar & Apr 2013. Mango Airlines offers free Wi-Fi on its BFN-Cape Town flights.

  • 13 Dec 2012. Bloemfontein Airport is renamed Bram Fishcher International Airport.

  • 5 May 2012. In Oudtshoorn, police search a bus on its way from Bloemfontein to Cape Town, and find 2 suitcases concealing 19.2kg of marijuana. Two men are arrested.

  • Feb 2011. Tim Thabete and Steve Hofmeyr hitchhike from Bloem to CPT to raise cash to prevent farm killings. The background is that when U2 singer Bono toured SA he came out in support of the ANC's song "Shoot the Boer", and a radio listener called Ofm & challenged Thabete (a DJ) to hitchhike to Cape Town to go to the U2 Concert and he would sponsor R10/km: Then "Hundreds of people phoned in and offered a lift. Many promised money." Hofmeyr said that "I’m hiking to Cape Town with OFM to deliver my STOP FARM MURDERS poster at the gates of the U2 show there. We, excluding Malema and the ANC and those arguing for KILL THE BOER, are on the same page. May I remind you, Bono, Zuma and the farmers, that 'KILL THE BOER' was sung again today during the transportaion-workers' strikes? My question to Bono: how many minority deaths qualify for your attention, sir? Three thousand victims in 15 years are ENOUGH. Save our farmers!"

  • 1890. A railway line is built connecting Bloemfontein and Cape Town.

Airlines flying from Bloem to Cape Town


Mango Airlines

Bloemfontein International Airport (BFN)
to Cape Town International Airport (CPT)


South African Express

Bloemfontein International Airport (BFN)
to Cape Town International Airport (CPT)

non-stop (1h35m)

As the crow flies (which is not always as the plane flies) it's 909km from Bloemfontein Airport to Cape Town Airport.

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Road trip

It is some 1010km from Bloemfontein to Cape Town (from Europcar at Bloemfontein Airport to Europcar at Cape Town Airport, to be precise) along the N1 National Road, and will take you about 12 hours to drive. Along the way you'll pass Edenburg, Trompsburg, Colesburg, Hanover, Beaufort West and the Karoo National Park, Laingsburg, Touws River, De Doorns, Worcester, and Paarl.

Bus trip bookings to Cape Town

If you don't want to fly, why not make a bus trip booking from Bloemfontein to Cape Town (usually cheaper but takes longer). To check bus trip prices and make reservations navigate to the links below:

Baz bus

Unfortuanately the Baz Bus does not offer bus trips from Bloemfontein to Cape Town.

Citiliner bus

Unfortuanately the Citiliner bus does not offer bus trips from Bloemfontein to Cape Town.

Greyhound bus

Bloemfontein to Cape Town (stopping at Trompsburg, Colesburg, Beaufort West, Laingsburg, Touwsriver, Worcester, Paarl, Bellville)


Intercape bus

Bloemfontein to Cape Town (stopping at Colesburg, Richmond, Beaufort West, Laingsburg, Worcester, Paarl, Bellville)


SA Roadlink

Bloemfontein to Cape Town (Colesburg, Beaufort West)


Translux bus

Bloemfontein to Cape Town (stopping at Bloemfontein, Hanover, Richmond, Three Sisters, Beaufort West, Laingsburg, Touwsriver, Worcester, Paarl, Bellville)


Top Blog

midway between Johannesburg and Cape TownAs part of her southern Africa holiday, "Miss Portugal" spent a day driving from Bloemfontein to Cape Town: "Let me just inform you though that to drive in SA you need to know a few rules. If you are driving behind a car and want to pass it please just wait five seconds, he will slowly put himself in danger and drive on the most left side of your lane, which means almost on the dirt to let you pass him. this goes for small cars and for gigantic trucks… always a pleasure to see a petrol truck put himself on the line for you! As soon as you have passed him, you HAVE to thank him, now this in Europe means just a wave of the hand from driver to driver, but here it’s a whole different detail, you can wave all you want, but they will never aknowledge it, so turn on you emergency lights, or as we call it in Portuguese, your blinking lights and you will see the magic happen, they will actually respond with a flash of their front lights… they let you pass, you thank them and they say “you’re welcome”".

Flight prices

It's likely that the 1-way airefares have changed from the below, they are retained for interest-purposes only. Price is not the only factor that should come into the equation - for example, you can expect more leg room on an SA Express flight than with Mango Airlines.

Date checked
Date of flight
Mango Airline
SA Express

15 Mar 2013
11 Aug 2013

R 1132

R 1340

30 Oct 2012
29 Mar 2013

R 1128

R 1284

14 Jun 2009
31 Jul 2009

R 829

R 895

25 Jun 2008
31 Jul 2008

R 588

R 846

8 Jun 2008
3 Aug 2008

R 748

R 792

Car rental in Cape Town

Once you arrive at Cape Town International Airport you may want to rent a car. Here are your options:

Europcar Cape Town

Avis car rental

Budget car rental

First Car Hire

Hertz car hire

Tempest car rental

Thrifty car rental

We carry out regular comparisons of prices of car rentals in Cape Town. The cheapest rental agency varies.

Take the N2 to get to Cape Town city

CPT Airport shuttle and transfer services

There are a number of companies offering CPT Airport shuttle services, including: EZ Shuttle and Cumfy Cabs.

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