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South African Airways flights to Durban are rated 5/5 based on 3 customer reviews.

  • NB if arriving on time is important to you : SAA flights to King Shaka have been the most on time of all airlines over the year to date, 2014.

South African Airways operates flights to Durban from Johannesburg, only - all the other routes it sells to King Shaka, are codeshares with SA Airlink, Mango Airlines, Emirates and SA Express.

Pilot allowed son into Cockpit

2014-01-13 : Rating 5 /5 : My son Luke flew with his Dad to dbn...flight was comfortable and pilot allowed him to view cockpit. My son, a 5 yr old who has a passion for planes, was highly impressed.

South African Airways & its partners offer flights to Durban's King Shaka International Airport, on the following routes:

SAA Durban Flight Reviews

It is possible to miss your flight even in the vicinity of the airport

2013-11-25 I am 39 years old but believe me it was my first flight. I boarded in O R Tambo heading for King Shaka. I arrived very early. My flight was at 11h45 but I was at the airport by 09h00. My friend warned me that it is very possible to miss your plane even in the vicinity of the airport. Actually that happened to her not long ago. It was my first time also in the airport so I decided to walk around. I was travelling alone. I was supposed to board at 11h20 but I was already at the gate by 10h30. I waited there until 11h00 and then I was allowed to go through to look for my gate. It was a very long walk again. I just wanted to see myself inside that plane! At last wow...we were getting ready. I was very worried about where my bags were because the last time I saw my suitcase it was going away through that rolling belt! I asked before I went through that gate where my bag was and was told I will get it in Durban. Doubtful as I was I went through. I got a window seat and it was just so beautiful. I loved it! I was flying SAA and the hostess were great! I was so hungry though because I was afraid to eat anything since that morning, even the snack that we were offered, I could not take because I was very excited! SAA is very good, I cannot say anything about others because it was my first flight.

Rating = 5/ 5

45 Minute Durban Flight Feels like a 14 hour flight to Perth

2013-05-10 I entered a competition for Jenny Cole Real woman which was a range for fuller figures. I was short listed in the top 5 out of 1500 women in South Africa who  entered the competition. The finals were in Durban....Based in Johannesburg  I had to prepare to fly from OR Tambo Airport to Durban very early in the morning. My itinerary was communicated through the home landline. I took a cab to the airport to meet a travelling companion I had never seen before.... travelling through the morning rush, and not knowing about the check-in procedures, I felt like the risk I was taking was more than just throwing my life into the lion's den...I was preparing myself for the disappointment of missing the flight. Funnily enough In the mist  of that, trembling with nervousness, my eyes got attached to some guy and his eyes on me..... He moved slowly towards me wearing a warm smile and he asked with a deep voice...ready to shake my hand...."Jessica?" I nodded solemnly...I said... "Yes...and Are you David Web...?" He said well done my sister...He ushered me taking me through all the check-ins.  I was so relieved. The warm welcoming and great hospitality we received on the flight overwhelmed me...we were seated in the front seats behind the pilot. As the time came to be served breakfast I wasn't sure whether I was holding the tray the right way and even felt incapable of eating with a fork and knife! ....Everything seemed to be happening at once...glancing at David I saw him wearing the white handkerchief. As the flight came across Eastern winds.. tilting... juice spilt on my breakfast....I was so embarrassed and frustrated. The hostess saved me from that horrible scene and she offered me another pack of breakfast. I refused it because I felt guilty, I took the blame for all the mess as if it was my fault. That 45 minutes flight to Durban felt like a 14 hour flight to Perth, Australia. I began chatting with David and I discovered later that he was one of the judges that nominated me for that fashion modeling. Along came a hostess again honoring us with refreshments. Words couldn't come out...the trip was frustrating me more and more.....5 minutes before the landing, right on top of the Atlantic ears began itching and became painful....The hostess again gave me gum and David motivated me to chew it harder and harder...It's controversial  in our culture to chew a gum as a professional. I was caught up in a dilemma of which I was being understood and accommodated by my companions....only to find out later that I was traveling with South African Airways BUSINESS CLASS! Wooop!

Rating = 5/ 5

South African Airways A340-300E parked at Johannesburg's OR Tambo International Airport

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