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Pinelands, Cape Town

Named after the numerous pine trees in the area, the Pinelands suburb of Cape Town offers wonderful walks under the shade of these trees along the Elsieskraal River (the river itself is too dirty to swim in).

Vincent Palloti Hospital

In 1938 the Roman Catholic Church bought some land south of Oude Molen in Pinelands & built St Joseph's Sanatorium, which later changed its name to Vincent Palloti Hospital.

The Vincent Palloti hospital in Pinelands is part of the Life Healthcare Group. It contains a maternity ward, paediatric ward, neonatal intensive care, an oncology centre, a sleep lab, a daycare unit, a renal unit (across the road from the main building) and a rehabilitation centre.

Vincent Pallotti Hospital in Pinelands, Cape Town


There are several churches in Pinelands - ranging from the New Life Vineyards to the Catholic Church. Here's a photo of the Catholic Church on the corner of Union Avenue & Woodside Drive:

Pinelands Catholic Church


Pinelands seems safe, but like anywhere else in South Africa one needs to exercise caution. There are regular armed robberies, motor vehicle and other forms of theft. Here's a photo of the SA Police Services "Rugby Club" in Pinelands, with the soccer goals pushed in front of the rugby poles (the old regime preferred rugby, the new regime prefer soccer).

Pinelands (Cape Town) SAPS Rugby Club, with Devil's Peak in the background

Restaurants in Pinelands

Magica Roma (phone 021-531-1489), Cincinnati Spur (has a kiddies play area) & Simply Asia

Millstone Restaurant

Millstone is an outdoors, rustic restaurant in Oude Molen Eco Village. They had their inaugural arts and crafts market on Sunday, the 10th November 2013 - here's a marimba band which was playing:

Here's a photo of Millstone where you can see the chicken running around.

chicken running loose at Millstone restaurant in Pinelands

Horse Riding in Pinelands

Pop round to Oude-Molen Eco Village, and next to Millstone Restaurant there are a number of horses being kept. Kids can go for rides, from 5 minutes to an hour.

Horses at Oude Molen Eco Village with Devil's Peak in the background

Coronation Park

Pinelands is a child-friendly neighbourhood with a number of parks for kids to play in. Coronation Park is so named to commemorate the coronation of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on the 1st June 1953. Streets near Coronation Park also have names reflecting British royalty - Elizabeth Avenue, Margaret Avenue and Regina.

Coronation Park in Pinelands, Cape Town

Accommodation in Pinelands

(email if you'd like your accommodation to be listed here)

Built in the Cape Dutch style, with a thatched roof, Howard's End Manor overlooks Coronation Park.

Howard's End Manor in Pinelands, Cape Town

If you're wanting to save a few Rands, try staying at the Riverlodge Backpackers (close to Pinelands Train Station, in the Oude Molen Eco Village).

Riverlodge Backpackers in Oude Molen Eco Village, Cape Town

For accommodation in Pinelands try the City Lodge near Mowbray Golf Course. It's close to the N2 National Road so also offers an easy drive from the airport and to Cape Town's CBD. In the summer swim in the pool. The hotel has a small gym. Ask for a room with a view of the golf course (unless you don't like stairs, as there are no elevators). Other accommodation in Pinelands is the Inn-Style Guest House, Nupen Manor, Bradclin House and 51 on Forest Drive.


If it's not rush hour it's a 15 minute drive (13km) from Europcar at Cape Town International Airport to the City Lodge Pinelands. Travel along the N2 towards Cape Town's CBD, turning off at Raapenberg Road towards Pinelands. As you come up a hill towards traffic lights turn right towards Pinelands Golf Club.

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Photo of the canal on the 28th August 2013:

Pinelands canal flooded

Here's a photo of the Pinelands Canal on the Elsieskraal River, flooded on the 21st August 2013:

Pinelands Canal Flooded


Pinelands is popular amongst young families for its quality primary and pre-primary schools. Schools in Pinelands are:

  • Ofra (parents & toddlers group)

  • Kids at Home (pre-primary from when kids are out of nappies to grade R)

  • La Gratitude (pre-primary)

  • Meerendal (pre-primary)

  • Old Mutual (pre-primary only for their employees' children)

  • The Blue School (Pinelands Primary School)

  • The Green School (Pinehurst Primary School)

  • The Red School (Pinelands North Primary School)

  • Cannons Creek Independent School

Cannons Creek is a private school, offering classes from grade RR (the year before grade R) to Matric. Children join the school on a first-come-first-served basis. The school attempts to keep class sizes to a maximum of 16 in the primary school and 20 in the high school. It was started by Mrs Carol Booth (then Carol Barhouch) in January 1997. Initially a primary school, it started a high school in 1999. A grade R class was started in 2006 under Mrs Christine Underwood. In 2011 Cannons Creek started double streaming of classes. In 2013 the Principle of Cannons Creek High was Mike van Haght and of Cannons Creek Primary Carol Booth.

Cannons Creek from Cannons Creek Independent School on Vimeo.

Dry Island

Pinelands has no liquor stores. The nearest one is at Sunrise Circle in Maitland.


The main shopping area is Howard Centre.

Train Stations

There are 2 train stations in Pinelands: Pinelands Train Station (near the Oude Molen Eco Village) and Mutualpark Train Station (next to Old Mutual).


Princess Path and Alice's Ride are named after 2 paths that Princess Alice frequently rode a horse on (she was the grandchild of Queen Victoria and wife of the Earl of Athlone, who was Governor General of South Africa from 1924 until 1931). Pinelands neighbouring suburb of Athlone was named after her husband.


Founded in 1937, the Pinelands Athletics Club is situated off St Stephens Road on the lower Oval sports field; and offers the opportunity to take part in cross country, road running and track & field.

Estate Agents in Pinelands

Property24 & Seeff.

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