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Standard Bank website evolution

Standard Bank have been in the news a fair bit recently - the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China buying a 20% stake, BHP Billiton firing them after some "reckless talk" (one of their executives suggested that an Aluminium smelter be shut down to save electricity) and now a new website - Standard Bank have redesigned their website and are about to go live. While we wait for the new design, let's have a look at how matters have been's how their website looked on the 31st December 2003, when they were going through their "Simpler Better Faster" phase:

Standard bank screenshot on 31 Dec 2003

Here's how the website looked on the 6th April 2008. At the top, the logo and the internet-banking hyperlink had swapped sides. Also, they'd changed their motto to "inspired, motivated, involved". Standard Bank website screenshot on 6 April 2008

And here's a small preview of the new website. Cant wait to see the full picture. Standard Bank's newly designed website

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