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Gautrain is a public private partnership, with the Gauteng provincial government owning the assets; the private company operates the service for them (including collecting fares). Gautrain offer a premium train service in the Gauteng Province of South Africa, in particular for those using OR Tambo International Airport, allowing one to avoid Ubering/car rental and traffic jams on the road network.

Student discount

Email to see whether you can get up to 25 percent student discounts.

Click here to sign up to Varsity Vibe.

Book a ride

You cannot use the Gautrain unless you have a Gautrain card with a minimum amount of money on it (R34 at the time of writing). Your choices are to:

Click here to make a booking.

Email for help: or

Phone number for help: +27-80042887246 or +27-800-GAUTRAIN  

When communicating with the Gautrain, don't be surprised to see an email from the Bombela Operating Company, e.g. - Bombela runs the operations for the Gautrain and maintains its infrastructure.

Route expansion

They are busy expanding their network - watch this video:.

Daily commute on Gautrain

17 March 2012. I stumbled across a blog entry from a chap who does a daily commute on the Gautrain, from Centurion to Sandton. He mentions how the train has grown in popularity & got so full recently that "passengers cramp in the entry- and walkways" (sounds much like London's tubes in the morning), but that the air conditioning cant keep up.

Inaugural Gautrain trip

8 June 2010. The inaugural Gautrain trip from O.R. Tambo International to Sandton costs R100, with Rhodesfield and Marlboro stations being operational. Parking at any station costs R9.50 for the first 24 hours. Commuters can access all services using the Gautrain Gold Card smart card, cash will not be accepted for passage on the buses or trains or at the parking exit gates.

The Gautrain Management Agency operates Gautrain.

In the original contract signed on the 28th September 2006, the Bombela Concession Company was tasked with finishing the first phase on the 27th June 2010. The Bombela Concession Company comprises Bombardier, Bouygues Travaux Publics, Murray & Roberts and Strategic Partners Group. In November 2009, Bombela requested R1.3bn to bring forward the completion date by one month (in order to finish before the Fifa World Cup), but the Gauteng province turned this request down.

Gautrain jobs

Phone +27-11-086-3557 / 3608

Email or:

Click here to see a list of jobs available for professionals.

Click here to see a list of jobs available for graduates.


1984 - the Metrobliz is launched

Building phase

Here's some photos I took on the 10th August 2008, after catching a flight from Cape Town to Johannesburg. The photos show the construction of the Gautrain rail and the station going into Johannesburg's O.R. Tambo International Airport.

In the following photo you can see the bridge which is being built for the Gautrain over the R21 road.

Gautrain being built next to R21

Gautrain under construction

Gautrain with construction cranes


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