Montagu's hot springs

Regular readers know that we recently travelled to Montagu to review the Montagu Country Hotel, and what a grand place it was. What we didn't write about were the hot spring baths, which Montagu is famous for.

We were there in August, the middle of winter - perfect weather to get out of the cold and into the warm pools - the weather was crisp and clear, which apparently is typical for Montagu, being sheltered from the worst of the Cape Winter, by the mountain ranges surrounding it.

Montagu's hot spring pools are tucked into the mountainside, a short distance from the historic city centre. Avalon Spring hotel is situated right at the springs.


view of Montagu Springs from the cave above them

Climb to the cave

My (4-year-old) daughter and I decided to be adventurous and climb to the cave above the springs. The climbing had its scary moments, and carried some risks, but was well worth it for the panoramic views we enjoyed from above. The path to the caves starts in between the springs and the river running next to it.

The path is signed "Lovers Walk Hiking Trail", and the sign shows a charge of R10 for adults and R5 for children payable at the Old Mill at the end of the trail - we never got there.

As the hot springs fall behind you, there's a river crossing, composed of a row of large stones. Expect to get a little wet as you cross, unless you're very nimble.

Lovers Walk Hiking Trail in Montagu

river crossing to the climb to the Montagu Cave

Postcard perfect view of the mountains and river flowing through them.

postcard perfect view of mountain and river in Montagu

View of Avalon Springs hotel from inside the cave above it.

The inside of the cave is adorned with grafitti.

view of Avalon Srings hotel from inside the Montagu cave

Montagu cave above Avalon Springs

Even though we visited in winter, the weather was sunny, lovely Karoo winter weather. I prefer winter to visiting in December, when Montagu can get crowded. The Montagu Country Hotel is positioned in the middle of the town, and it is well worth it to walk the streets outside the hotel, viewing the historic buildings. On the Saturday whilst we were there there was a morning market on the go, a couple of blocks away.

We of course visited the hot springs, and my daughter and I climbed to the caves above the springs - the climbing isn't without its risks, but the views were superb. The hot springs have a putt-putt course, supertube, special slides for the little ones and about 5 pools and 2 jacuzzis. A visit to Montagu isn't complete without enjoying the springs. And during winter it's especially delicious to get out of the crisp air and into the warm water.

Map of Montagu


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