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Test your travel knowledge : Travelers often plan their trips around holidays. Which month of the year has no public holidays or school holidays in it? See answer in the bottom line.

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Mango Sale

There's a Mango sale on today, and we're not talking about the fruit, but rather flights on those big orange-painted hunks of metal that magically get airborne. The day of the week of Mango Happy Day Sales seems to be oscillating between Tuesdays & Wednesdays at the moment, so keep on your toes & be prepared on both days. The sale runs from 9am on Wednesday the 9th of April 2014. At the time of going to press it was not clear when the sale ends. Once again the airfares are pretty much the same as last week, and it's great that they've stabilised after the rises at the start of the year (largely due to Rand depreciation and the increase in USD-priced maintenance & fuel costs). The special is on selected flights up to the end of May 2014 (and absolutely not on all dates - in some cases there was very limited availability).

Get your Edgars Card & Save

If you haven't already done so, get yourself an Edgars card. In some cases the flight prices were even better than the Mango Happy Days Sale (note that the below is a snapshot of airfares, may all have changed since the snapshot was done). Pro tip: secure the cheapest flight with your Edgars card but don't pay with it, as that attracts an 8% charge (rather pay with a Nedbank card & earn Greenbacks to further discount Mango flights in the future!). And a huge bonus with the Edgars card, is that you get to book the happy day sale from 8am, an hour before everybody else who start at 9am.

Mango Cape Town to Lanseria airfares with an Edgars card when there was a Mango happy day sale on the go

Best 1-way Deals

Regular readers will know this already :) Because of the nature of the travel industry, all the prices we ever show, including the flight prices below are subject to change, perhaps even by the time you've read this. That's how the game goes. The airfares were not available on all dates, there was very limited availability (in some cases only on a day or 2 in the month); so please don't be disappointed if you could not find them. Check current airfares at Mango. Good luck!

  • Flights from OR Tambo to King Shaka from R610* or 10,000 Voyager Miles (same as last week).

  • Flights from CPT to Bloemfontein from R835* or 15,000 Voyager Miles (same as last week).

  • Flights from Lanseria to CPT International Airport from R760* or 15,500 SAA Voyager Miles (same as last week).

  • CPT to Lanseria from R865.01 or 15,500 Voyager Miles (same as last week).

  • Flights from OR Tambo to GRJ from R885* or 16,000 South African Airways Voyager Miles (same as last week).

  • Flights from JHB to Port Elizabeth (WARNING : almost no availability), as well as CPT to Port Elizabeth, from R995* or 18,500 Voyager Miles (same as last week).

Our pick of the week are the Mango flights to George from R885*.

Click here to read more about Mango Airlines.

Mango Happy Day Sale - fares in Voyager Miles, for selected flights to end May 2014

The Purple Shall Rule! Email and tell us about your trip.

Champagne Sport Resort : We ventured out a few times. One of the trips involved a delightful afternoon being entertained by the Drakensburg Boys Choir, a truly world class performance. These boys, ranging in age from 8 to 15 years old board at the 50 year old school. The show is preceded by a small tour where we got to hear anecdotes of the school's history and setting. The performance is memorable. My children initially didn't want to go and listen to choir singers, yet they had a fabulous time and are fully converted to this form of entertainment. Coming from a teenage male is something! I highly recommend booking tickets, their performances are held at the school every Wednesday during term time.
We squeezed in a visited to learn about bees and grab a cappuccino at Scrumpy Jacks. The guide taking us on the tour was recently attacked and stung by 800 African bees, all over his face and neck. He was lucky to be alive and to retell his tale. The quantity of bee venom in his system will not go away and he is living on a concoction of medicines to stay alive. We saw a working hive; purchased some honeycomb, some honey and some delicious peanut brittle made with ... you got it ... honey. 
Another place that we frequented was The Bakery coffee shop which was in a delightful setting selling mouth-watering food, cakes and breads. The little shop attached, offered knickknacks for the home along the line of distressed wood in the French provincial theme. We also visited a local carpet weaving shop, with glass windows providing views of the weavers at work. It is adjacent to the Waffle Hut where you get to enjoy waffles and hot chocolate with flakes melting in them – delicious. 
On route back to Johannesburg we decided to take a detour passing the natural Drakensburg Amphitheatre, which unfortunately was shrouded in cloud, and onto the Golden Gate, stopping for lunch in Clarens, the jewel of the Freestate, before winding our way home.

Champagne Sports Resport in the Drakensberg 

Author: Claire Madgwick

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Prices subject to change, perhaps even by the time you read this. Errors & omissions occur from time to time

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