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UK readers, British Airways is running a "Winter Blues Sale" from London to South Africa from £609 (return flight), both to Cape Town & Johannesburg. Selected flights only.

Cruise news: R5236 for 4 adults sharing a cabin on MY002, the 6 December MSC Melody cruise from Cape Town to nowhere.

Car hire in South Africa

Here's the best car rental quotes we did this week for car hire in South Africa. Note that prices could well have changed since we did these quotes.

Car hire in Cape Town

We need to hire a vehicle to seat 5 adults and 4 kids.  Cape Town from the 21 December to 27 December.  Must have an aircon. Pickup and return @ Cape Town International Airport.

I suggest you hire a Volkswagen Caravelle, going for R4962 for the 6 days.  Book at Car Trawler.

I need a NICE bakkie with aircon (eg 1-tonner like Isuzu, Toyout, Tata, Nissan etc for 2 weeks (flexible dates) over the season. Pickup and return to Cape Town.

From the 5th to the 19th December you can hire a Nissan 1-ton pickup for R 4,004 (R 286 per day).

Cheapest car hire from the 15th to the 19th December.

Best car hire quote is a Hyundai Atos for the 4 days for R792, see Car Trawler

Please can you tell me what the best place is to rent a car from CPT Int Airport from 11 Dec to 27 Dec 2011? must have 4 doors & aircon.

Best price is R 2,784 (R 174 per day) for an Opel Corsa Essentia.

Car hire in Johannesburg

I am looking for a  7 seater vehicle from 14 to 16th December. The cheapest.

You can get a Toyota Minibus for R2275 for 2 days. Book at Car Trawler.

Car hire in Durban

I'm looking for cheap cat hire from Shaka airport, 2 Dec to 4 Dec 2011. Only stipulation: must have aircon.

Cheapest is a Kia Picanto, for R419.  Book at Car Trawler. 

Car hire in George

We didn't do any car hire quotes in George last week

Landrovers in Southern Africa



Qantas passengers are likely to experience further delays, as it has not reached agreement with the Transport Workers Union.

Trade Union Solidarity has threatened to bring Mango Airlines' flights to a halt if they do not set about wage negotiation in earnest "immediately". Solidarity has warned that passengers & travel agents should bear the possibility of a strike by pilots in mind when booking flights for November & December.

Travellers to Thailand, Italy & Dublin should be aware of flooding.

According to the Chief Executive operations continue to run as normal, but Nehawu Robben Island Museum workers are on strike - they want operations to be shut down from 25 December to 2 January each year, and wage increases of R3500.

The Purple shall rule! Izabella wrote to us in response to the story about the dangerous bus driver in a previous newsletter: "Don’t leave it like this! Unfortunately I had to go from DBN to JHB and on that day there were no tickets available so I had to take the bus. Reaching the station (dodgy and dirty) I realized that the bus we were supposed to be taking was sold out but yet they still sold tickets and instead took us on a bus with no naming on it, no TV and worst of all no toilets (yet I asked the cashier if this bus has a toilet!).

Anyway the ride was ok so I took a nap, only to wake up to see a PASSANGER took over and was driving because he had never experienced driving a bus before and the bus driver felt generous!!!! The bus was sliding all over the place, driving too fast and even overtaking cars!

For me that was the last time I take the bus but there are people there less fortunate and have no choice due to finances, even though like you mentioned in your article, some passengers don’t even care until they get hurt! But let’s try and voice our opinions for the 5% of the people that do care to live. Besides the bus passengers being in danger, what about the cars they collide with on the road?

Let’s try and stop these psychotic drivers!"

And here's what another (anonymous) reader had to say: "They are all a danger to themselves and to the passengers I took a bus from Port Shepstone to Cape Town. The toilet was broken and the driver was an a**hole I too will never get on a City to City or Greyhound even if it was the last transport left is SA I would feel safer walking."

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The Bottom Line: 'Build things. That is how wealth is created. Stop asking for a "piece of the cake". That is for people like Robert Mugabe. Bake a cake. Dig a mine. Build a shopping mall. Read the story of Richard Maponya.' Justice Malala, as quoted from his article -Be Master of your Destiny