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Take the stress out of Christmas catering and treat yourself to a cruise instead! Durban, Portuguese Island, Anakoa (Madagascar), Fort Dauphin (Madagascar), Durban on the MSC Opera, departing 22 Dec '14 for 7 nights.
MSC Opera December Party Cruise. Durban to the Portuguese Island and Inhambane. 8 to 12 Dec 2014.
Exploring the Garden Route? Rent a comfortable Chevrolet Aveo sedan or similar from George Airport - 6th to 8th of June 2014.
Silver Kia Picanto

R15,520 pps*

R6,390 pps*


*SubjeCPT to change. Limited availability

*SubjeCPT to change. Limited availability

*Subject to change. Limited availability

Mango Sale - Happy Day

It's Wednesday & time for a Mango Airlines Happy Day Sale. The flight special starts at 9am on the 14th May. I haven't seen when it ends, but it usually runs for 36 hours to 9pm on the 15th May, or until seats on sale run out - whichever occurs first. The great news is that fares have generally come down from last week's sale.

Edgars Card

If you haven't got an Edgars card yet, now is the time to do so! In a lot of cases, the Edgars Mango specials are often better than the Mango Happy Day sale prices; especially now with the 25% off deal until end June. Just remember to secure the deal with the Edgars card, but to make payment with your normal credit card, so that you don't get nailed with an 8% charge.

Mango Airlines plane at Lanseria Airport, Johannesburg

Cheapest one-way airfares

Remember that airfares may have changed, even by the time you say this. The fares were only available on a very limited number of days in May & June. This is not an offer by South Africa Travel Online, merely the relaying of information we've sourced. We have no control over the prices or availability. Check whether the airfares below are still available at Mango.

  • OR Tambo to Durban from R555.01* or 9,500 Voyager Miles (R20 cheaper than last week).

  • OR Tambo to CPT from R874* or 16,500 Voyager Miles (R26 cheaper than last week)

  • BFN to Cape Town from R875* or 16,000 Voyager Miles (R30 more than last week, very limited availability)

  • Johannesburg Lanseria to Cape Town from R735* or 15,000 Voyager Miles (R70 cheaper than last week)

  • Cape Town to Lanseria from R825*/14,500 Voyager Miles (R74 cheaper than last week)

  • OR Tambo to Port Elizabeth from R899* or 16,500 miles (same as last week)

  • Cape Town to PE from R899* or 16,500 Voyager miles

  • OR Tambo to George from R875* or 16,000 South African Airways Voyager Miles (same as last week)....very limited availability.

Pick of the week are Mango Lanseria to CPT flights from R825*

Read more about Mango Airlines specials.

Mango Airlines Happy Day Sale for flights up to June 2014

The Purple Shall Rule!

Rating 5 /5 ★★★★★: I choose Mango Airlines every time I travel from Cape Town to Durban now to visit my family, as they always had the best prices and value for money. In my experience, I've always been helped by very friendly staff and I am always lucky enough to get to choose my favourite seat, which is a window seat. The onboard menu has great snacks at reasonable prices and the service is fast and friendly, and I LOVE the little bottles you get when you order a glass of wine rather then an aCPTual glass of wine. I have tried other airlines and I can say (touch wood) that Mango has never lost or sent my luggage to another destination, and it comes out promptly. So when it comes to flying home to visit the family, I just book Mango. Simple! :) 

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Prices subject to change, perhaps even by the time you read this. Errors & omissions occur from time to time

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