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Party Cruise on MSC Opera

Forget Jack Sparrow, the pirate of the Caribbean, when South Africa has Jack Parow - the pirate of the caravan park!

Left Durban on 8 Dec 2014, returned on 12 Dec 2014. Dance until the sun comes up with dangerous romantic rapper, Captain Jack Parow on that scurvy pirate ship - the MSC Opera. One brandy is never enough for Captain Parow, so this cruise will be invading both Inhaca and Portuguese Islands. In the evening...parental supervision is required for anybody under the age of 40! DJ Naaldekoker will be taking charge of the turntables. Book now (cabins limited) & start preparing your liver for December!

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The Party Cruise with Jack Parow

SouthAfrica.TO felt that the party vibe on South Africa's cruise scene was too tame, and needed to be dialled up a notch. So, we teamed up with our sister-site,, to find the biggest and baddest party animal in South Africa. Jack Parow is the original dark dodgy South African rapper- heavy uitgeskollie. Bellville's favourite son, and the bad boy of the South African music scene.

Parow is known for hits like Cooler as Ekke, Hosh Tokolosh and P.A.R.T.Y. (if Captain Parow doesn't sing "P.A.R.T.Y" on the Party Cruise, we'll make him walk the plank).

So, go retrieve your passport from your correctional services officer the safe and book your spot. There are a very limited number of cabins available, which will be booked on a first come, first served basis.

With only 1 ship next season there is a severe shortage of cabins in December 2014, and prices are likely to go up very quickly. It is more urgent than usual to book December cruises before prices spike.

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8-12 Dec 2014

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8-12 Dec 2014

Balcony Cabin

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8-12 Dec 2014

Balcony Suite

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Who is Jack Parow, & will we be safe on the MSC Opera?

Jack Parow is going to make history when he becomes the first dangerous romantic rapper to "Captain" the MSC Opera on its 8th to 12th December Party Cruise from Durban (click to book) to not one, but two exotic destinations : Portuguese and Inhaca Islands. But who is he, and will we be safe on the ship? Well, the shipping industry is not unknown to Parow, as years ago before he stepped into the limelight, he used to work at Cape Town harbour packing fish, to help support his rap habit. Now he's come full circle, heading back to the harbour, but this time Durban harbour and this time not to pack fish, but to Captain the Party Cruise.

Parow is South Africa's original "dark and dodgy" afrikaans rap artist ("heavy uitgeskollie" as he puts it): "I was watching Pirates of the Caribbean and I said: 'Forget Jack Sparrow the pirate of the Caribbean, I'm Jack Parow, pirate of the caravan park.' "Born "Zander Tyler", he originally wanted to be a mechanic, but then discovered that rapping was more fun, and took part time jobs to put food on the table, including working in Cape Town municipality's cemetery division (possibly where he got the inspiration for all the skeletol features on his social media profiles).

His hit single "Cooler as Ekke" got him into the limelight. and this was followed that up with "Hosh Tokolosh" and more recently "P.A.R.T.Y". which he wrote with the Party Cruise in mind (ok, we're not sure about that part, but it'll rock the boat for sure). This month Parow released his new album, "Nag Van Die Lang Pette".

In short, we cannot promise that Jack Parow will be on his best behaviour, but you will have fun on the cruise, the boat is going to rock and you're not going to get a lot of sleep!

Jack Parow striking a pose

Here are some fans bringing beer and shooters for Jack Parow & DJ Naaldekoker on the MSC Opera Party Cruise. The couple got engaged the night before.

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