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Cruise news: "We too have found Victor realy efficient and helpful....we are now set up for our cruise in the New Year on the Opera". Peter

Don't forget to use the SA Express promo code when booking DUR-PE, CPT-PE, DUR-ELS, JNB-HDS, BFN-CPT or CPT-KIM.

Mango Happy Day Flight Special

There's a Mango Happy Day flight special running from 9am on the 3rd September until 9pm on the 4th September 2013 (or until the limited number of flights available sell out - whichever happens first). Book at Mango. The new Mango flights to Zanzibar (which start on 21 September) are not included in the flight special, or the Mango flights to George (which start on the 18th November).

Mango Airline plane parked at Cape Town International Airport

Best 1-way airfares

These best fares are only available for a limited number of seats on selected flights up to the 30th November 2013 (not on all flights, so please do not be disappointed if you can't find them on your specific travel date) - try be flexible with your dates to maximise the chances of getting a good deal.

  • Cape Town to Lanseria from R799* 1-way

  • Lanseria to Cape Town from R699* 1-way

  • Cape Town to Durban from R899* 1-way

  • Durban to Cape Town from R899* 1-way

  • OR Tambo to Durban from R595* 1-way

  • Durban to OR Tambo from R595* 1-way

  • OR Tambo to Cape Town from R899* 1-way

  • Cape Town to OR Tambo from R899* 1-way

  • OR Tambo to PE from R829* 1-way

  • PE to OR Tambo from R829* 1-way

  • Cape Town to PE from R899* 1-way

  • PE to Cape Town from R899* 1-way

  • Bloemfontein to Cape Town from R799* 1-way

  • Cape Town to Bloemfontein from R799* 1-way

Terms and Conditions:

Limited seats available on selected flights on a first come, first served basis.

No group bookings on promotional fares.

Refunds must be submitted in writing to guestcare@flymango.com.

Subject to Mango's Terms and Conditions

Excludes Special Events (Friday return Sunday), and peak flights


Mango Happy Day flight special


September is the month for launching flights to Tanzania! From 21 September there are Mango flights to Zanzibar - 2 flights a week (on Tuesdays and Saturdays). We're pretty blessed with flights to Tanzania, as from the 27th September Fastjet commence flights from Johannesburg to Dar es Salaam. I'm still waiting for Johannesburg to Kilimanjaro flights.

Emirates flight special : "Save more than just memories" special. Dubai flights from R6603*, Paris flights from R6907*, Ahmedabad flights from R556*, Rome flights from R6185*, Mumbai flights from R5696*, Madrid flights from R6118*, Copenhagen flights from R6070* & Warsaw flights from R5942*. Limited, book by 9 September 2013 (although airfares could have changed before then), fly between 15 Sep and 10 April 2014



Email us a write-up of your trip & we'll give you a travel voucher (write more & share pictures for bigger vouchers):
I took my beloved bicycle apart and packed a dozen pieces in a box, hoping it will arrive safe and sound in South Africa with Qatar airlines. I had a long journey ahead of me…about 16 flying hours and 21 transit hours. Going through airport security on your own with a big, heavy, not-so-manageable-box, is no fun at all. I approached the Qatar check-in counter, worrying that I went over the allotted weight limit and that I would have trouble checking this big box in, but they asked me just one question: 'Did you let all the air out of your wheels?' With a sigh of relief I had ticket home in my hands. My journey of nearly 36 hours began. I went from Bali to Singapore and had a one hour wait, I went from Singapore to Doha and had a twenty hour wait and then the last stretch came, after being away from South Africa for two years, Doha to Johannesburg. Even though I'm a big fan of budget airlines, Qatar Airlines with their comfortable seats and delicious meals, was a perfect haven for a weary traveller whilst still being one of the cheapest options. Budget or no budget, a 20 hour wait at an airport is never something to look forward to, so at Doha airport, I treated myself to a few hours in their airport lounge, where I could charge my laptop, take a shower and help myself to a buffet of snacks. The flight from Doha to Johannesburg was a beautiful blur; I remember people walking into the plane and then when I opened my eyes again I thought 'when are we ever going to leave this runway?' It took me a few minutes to realise that we had been in the sky for nearly two hours already. All the way from Indonesia to South Africa, Qatar Airways satisfied all my needs with their meals, in-flight entertainment, on time departures and arrivals, soft seats, warm blankets and they took care of my beloved bicycle all the way to Johannesburg. In Johannesburg the customs officer flipped through my passport, searched for my last exit stamp, branded another page with official ink and said: "You are home now". 
bicycle in Indonesia

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