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Turkish Airlines starts flying to Rotterdam from March 2014, creating 1-stops from Johannesburg to Rotterdam via Istanbul; and Cape Town to Rotterdam (via Joburg and Istanbul).

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The word "crazy" can be used to describe the next few days. We left on Saturday morning, and I met my travel companions – Artur, Pedro – Isabel's boyfriend from Portugal and Eduardo. And so the four of us were soon off in a car to Udine – when we got to Udine – we began our tour by walking around some sports stadium – I couldn't really understand the importance of this stadium, but I guess, that they probably knew and valued their visit to it. Then after a bit of deciding and looking around at the signs – by the way Isabel was driving – and I loved the way that she shook her head and exclaimed at other drivers that she is Portuguese – in order to excuse any mistake that she may have made on the road – "I am Portuguese" in a thick Portuguese accent. We got to the place in Udine, and after parking the car – paying for parking – as in Europe, people are very strict about paying for parking, and cars, that are illegally parked, face huge fines. We then began walking through the streets of Udine, admiring the architecture, the buildings and the large square. I suggested that we look for a tourist information place, as they will be able to point us to all the important places – so after getting directions from local Italians – we proceeded to the various piazzas. I remember walking through the narrow streets and passing one souvenir shop – but deciding that I will get many along the way – so I didn't buy a magnet. Unfortunately for me, this was the only souvenir shop, and when I returned to it – it was closed : ( so I don't have a magnet on Udine. In between our adventures – we took lots of photographs, smiling, posing, jumping, pointing the gun at my head, and many others – and they serve to remind me of what a lovely time I had on that weekend. We then walked up some hill to a lookout point where we could admire the town of Udine. There we spent some time, whilst Pedro walked close to the edge, and did some dangerous stunts. This is what I liked about the group that I travelled with – they were not in a rush to get to any place – and enjoyed themselves. When we got down from the hill, we walked around the gardens, posed with the water nymph statue, and also took some photographs with the church and other buildings.


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