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Cruise news: Pirate show & tropical party on the MSC Divina.

We LOVE booking international cruises.

Top selling cruises in June were all cruises from Durban in Dec/Jan. These are moving fast. Book at cruises@southafrica.to or call us on 021-531-7453.

Top 5 selling Cruises

The month has been a busy month for our consultants with bookings for the 2013-2014 cruise season. We have selected the top 5 selling cruises for this month. As an additional bonus, the top 3 cruises have a promotion on their outside cabins (with windows), where it works out cheaper for 2 adults to stay in a cabin with an ocean view than a cabin without a window!






Durban, Portuguese Island, Durban

4 Dec 2013

7 Dec 2013

MSC Sinfonia


Durban, Maputo, Portuguese Island, Durban

16 Dec 2013

20 Dec 2013

MSC Opera


Durban, Ile St Marie, Reunion, Mauritius, Durban

28 Dec 2013

7 Jan 2014

MSC Sinfonia


Durban, Portuguese Island, Inhambane, Durban

2 Dec 2013

6 Dec 2013

MSC Opera


Durban, Maputo, Portuguese Island, Durban

9 Dec 2013

13 Dec 2013

MSC Opera


*The prices above are for 2 adults sharing a cabin and include insurance, port fees, service fees, meals, accommodation and entertainment on board the ship. Prices only guaranteed once a booking has been made and terms and conditions pertaining to the booking are met. Prices are subject to availability of cabin category and change. (E&OE.)

Cruise from Durban

Prepaid spa treatments

Spoil your partner by adding anyone of these spa packages to your cruise booking which they can enjoy once they get on board the cruise ship:




Bali Top Club Settimana del Benessere

2 Tanning booth sessions; 2 Special 4-hand Bali massages 45 mins; 2 Bali massages with lava stones 45 mins; 2 Specific facial treatments 60 mins; 2 Bali 'sunrise lulur" 90 mins; 2 Entrances to thermal spa for duration of the cruise


Diamond Orchid Deluxe

Facial treatment 60 mins; Bali thalasso "Flowers & Sea" 80 mins; Bali thalasso "Sea & Volcanoes" 80 mins; A choice of: Bali 'Moisture of the sun set" 90 mins or Bali 'Luxury men treatment" 90 mins; Entrance to thermal spa for duration of the cruise


Platinum Relax

Bali massage 45 mins; Specific facial treatment 60mins; Entrance to thermal spa for duration of the cruise.



Fitness / dance lessons with personal trainer (your choice); Bali sport massage 45 mins; Entrance to thermal spa for duration of the cruise.


Relaxing wave

Bali massage 30 mins; Relaxing facial treatment 30 mins; Entrance to thermal spa for duration of the cruise.


NOTE: *Price is per couple

Book before 30 June to enter competition

Your last chance to enter the lucky draw for a free cruise...book by Saturday the 30th latest.

King Neptune party on the MSC Sinfonia as crosses the tropic of Capricorn


Cheap international cities: Sofia, Hanoi, Warsaw, Sharm el Sheikh, Budapest, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Tunis, Cape Town & Riyadh

Want to fly to Johannesburg for the Pet Expo? Mango Airlines were cheapest.

From 3 September Ethiopian Airlines commences flights from Addis Ababa to Singapore via Bangkok, creating another option for travelling from Johannesburg to Singapore.

Egypt has said that commercial planes with missile systems can't land in Cairo, in an apparent reference to El Al's C-Music system. "This ban is not confined to Israeli aircraft but applies to all international airlines. Aircraft equipped with offensive missile capabilities will not be allowed to land in Egypt or enter Egyptian airspace." What is confusing, though, is that C-MUSIC uses a lazer system to protect against missile attacks, it doesn't itself carry missiles.

Email us a write-up of your trip & we'll give you a travel voucher (write more & share pictures for bigger vouchers):
Here's why you should make sure your Bags have Wheels : Panic gripped me as I heard the loudspeakers at Brussels train station blare unintelligibly, and then watched all the passengers grab their bags and head for the stairs. NOT AGAIN!!!  I grabbed futilely at a man’s coat as he rushed by me.  “What did they say?” I spluttered. It was obvious really. This train was coming in on its original platform and I was going to have to lug my heavy bags – all 3 of them – up those stairs and down the other side again. But was I going to make it on time? Why couldn’t they have lifts or conveyer belts? And why, oh why, did my mother give me so many Christmas presents to deliver to the family? Huffing and puffing, my arms almost breaking from the weight of my large blue suitcase, I landed on the offending platform to see the train slowly pulling away. “WAIT!” I yelled, dropping my bags and waving wildly. To my great surprise the train stopped. Then I noticed the lady several metres ahead of me on the platform. Thanks to her the conductor had stopped the train and we were both able to clamber aboard. And that was how I learnt my first valuable lesson about travel: “Make sure your luggage has WHEELS!” By Carol 

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