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Cruise news: Having the "time of my life" in the MSC Musica disco.

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book a flightMango flight special

Judging from last week and this week, it seems the main day for flight specials has shifted to Wednesday. There's a Mango flight special on the go - for selected flights up to the 31st May 2013, which must be booked by 9pm on the 25th April 2013 (note that it's entirely possible prices may have changed by the time you read this and before the 25th April, check current airfares at Mango):

Best airfares

(It wont be these prices on all dates)

O.R. Tambo to Port Elizabeth from R1125 1 way

Port Elizabeth to O.R. Tambo from R1125 1 way

Cape Town to Port Elizabeth from R1145 1-way

Port Elizabeth to Cape Town from R1145 1-way

Bloemfontein to Cape Town from R1095 1-way

Cape Town to Bloemfontein from R1095 1-way

Cape Town to Lanseria from R798 1-way

Lanseria to Cape Town from R718 1-way

Cape Town to Durban from R999 1-way

Durban to Cape Town from R999 1-way

O.R. Tambo to Durban from R595 1-way

Durban to O.R. Tambo from R595 1-way

O.R. Tambo to Cape Town from R999 1-way

Cape Town to O.R. Tambo from R999 1-way

Selling Period:

24 April 2013 at 09h00 to 25 April 2013 at 21h00 (or until sold out) 

Travel Period:

24 April 2013 to 31 May 2013

Terms and Conditions:

Limited seats available on selected flights on a first come, first served basis.

No group bookings on promotional fares.

Refunds must be submitted in writing to guestcare@flymango.com.

Subject to Terms and Conditions for Mango Airlines flights

Excludes Special Events (Friday return Sunday), and peak flights

Mango Airlines plane parked at Lanseria Airport in Johannesburg


Pearly Valley Golf Estate businessman's special - R445 per person during office hours from Tuesday to Friday, including shared cart with GPS & halfway house voucher. Email golf@pearlvalley.co.za

The Sasol Bird Fair takes place from the 25th to the 26th May 2013 at the Johannesburg Zoo.

We've added a walking tour of Bo-Kaap to our list of Cape Town day trips. What are we still missing?

Golf probably isn't the first thing which comes to mind when thinking of Mauritius, the honeymooners paradise (and just you dare play during your honeymoon!). But Mauritius has 8 golf courses, including several run by the resorts.

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"I want to share the following with you. While working abroad in Iraq I was told that amongst all the airlines the worst one to use was Iraqi Airlines. I did not believe that but the thought were always in the back of my mind and whenever I had to fly from Iraq to South Africa I would avoid the Iraqi Airlines. Always making sure that I never ended up on their planes.

Months went by and I were jet setting every three months with no hassles between Baghdad and Jordan or Dubai or Egypt. It so happened that I was stuck on the Baghdad airport for three days due to a sandstorm that prevented planes to fly out of Baghdad. On the fourth day were told that the only pilots that are prepared to fly in this weather is the Iraqi ones. A big decision to make...stay for another couple of days or fly with Iraqi Airlines....thoughts went through my mind and at the end going home weighted up more then the stigma to the airline.

I opted for the flight and within 8 hours boarded the Iraqi Airline plane. Sitting a window near the cockpit and looking out as the rest of the passengers ascend I accepted that my fear was unfounded and prepared myself for the flight to flight to Dubai. More passengers...more passengers and what now?  There the steps are moved but not much only half a meter from the door and left there. That does not look right I thought but maybe it is. No it is not here it comes back and locked onto the plane again. 5, 10 minutes goes by and there I see what the reason was...one guys and then another walked up the stairs and got into the plane....no they are not passengers that was late...the one is dressed in a uniform and the other one very dirty. What is going on?... Is this passengers or workers or officials...no the one is to dirty for that ..they can't be I thought.

Then a cracking voice announcing the Captain is just leaving the plane to check on something....what can that be?...Is there going to be a delay or is the storm to bad? So there goes my excitement...No not another night on this airport....Everybody that has been on the Baghdad airport will know what I am talking about...An airport with very little facilities....a dilapidated building where some renovations is done but overall in a very bad state. Not surprising because we are in a war zone and you can expect some destruction of some sort will also be at the airport.

My mind is brought back to reality when I saw movement from the plane again on the stairs...this time it is a man dressed in uniform...oh that must be the pilot that this announcement was about. But it seems is not going to the airport building. No he is going under the plane...He must be checking on something under the plane I thought or perhaps he is going to get some transport to take him to his destination. But then I noticed something irregular...the man has got something in his hand. As I took a closer look I saw it is a spanner and a wrench he is carrying. Now this is getting interesting. Then I saw someone following him....it is the dirty guy....now I can see why he is dirty as he passes under my window. He is dirty because he is full of oil and grease. Oh that must be a mechanic I thought.

5 minutes became 10 minutes and then 15 minutes and twenty minutes later here the pilot or captain came back from underneath the plane. I noticed that he alsso looks a bit dirty now...yes that is oil marks I see on his hands and clothes...No I must be seeing this... this can't be happening...The captain went to fix something on the engine...

A cracking voice again...."This is the Captain speaking...Sorry for the delay...we will be leaving soon...the problem that was there has been solved".

When the plane was airlifting the only thing I could think about was....what problem was there that the captain solved?  A terrible thought...if this was not near a nightmare this I can tell you was the worst flight I have ever been on.....What did the captain fix....what? OMG...will we get there safely?

Unbelievable and now I can see why people have this opinion about the Iraqi Airlines...What about multi skilling ? That is the extreme." Roy

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"I would like to reiterate that the Government and the department in particular will continue to provide Shareholder support in an effort to bring the airline to commercial sustainability." Malusi Gigaba, Minister of Public Enterprises, expressing government's continued support for SAA.